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Grand Theft Auto 5 Random Events Guide

Grand Theft Auto 5 Random Events Guide
The world of San Andreas is filled with desperate civilians seeking aid and although you may think the pay is slim, there’s some pretty snazzy rewards waiting just around the corner. This Grand Theft Auto 5 Random Events Guide will list all of the currently discovered random events, their location (if viable) and reward. I began writing this a little late into the game as I didn’t expect the random events to actually include non-random events. So if you have any information to help complete the guide please post in the comments. The article will be updated and your name will be credited.

Random Event: Regular Robbery
Guide: These happen throughout Los Santos. You’ll receive 10% of the amount stolen if you return it to the victim.
Location: Los Santos
Reward: Cash

Random Event: Ranting Old Lady
Guide: Just turn up and listen, that’s all there is to see here.
Location: Los Santos, near the Hollywood Stars type walkway.
Reward: N/A

Random Event: Zombie
Guide: The zombie asks if you want to take a picture with him. Nothing else can be done here.
Location: Los Santos
Reward: N/A

Random Event: Saving The Construction Worker
Guide: I came across this when getting a Taxi to the final assassination mission. A construction worker becomes trapped by falling pipes and you need to use the nearby bulldozer to clear them. Do not get out after clearing the pipes as you’ll burn and die. Hence not being able to provide reward information.
Location: At a construction site in Los Santos. More information needed.
Reward: N/A

Random Event: Retrieving Stolen Bike
Guide: You’ll notice a young man has just had his bike stolen. Kill or ram the thief to retrieve the bike before returning to the man. He’ll call you later with a surprising reward.
Location: Los Santos. More information needed.
Reward: $100,000 in AnimalArk bonds
Contributor: Full Throttle

Random Event: Retrieving Stolen Car
Guide: Similar to the bike, but this time it’s a young lady. It turns out shes a majority stake holder in a popular clothing brand.
Location: Los Santos. More information needed.
Reward: Most expensive suit delivered to your wardrobe.
Contributor: Full Throttle

Random Event: Scorned Lover
Guide: Near Franklin’s house in Vinewood. You’ll see a woman throwing her boyfriends clothes onto the driveway. Stop to assist before dropping him at the golf club.
Location: Los Santos, Vinewood. More information needed.
Reward: Unlock extra golf opponent

Random Event: Saving Antonia Bottino.
Guide: Kill the two men attempting to bury Antonia and then drive her to her contact in Vinewood.
Location: North Western peninsula Paleto Cove, just North of the lower Cable Car. I discovered it shortly after the nearby Strangers & Freaks mission for Franklin. It’s about 50% into the game.
Reward: $60,000

Random Event: Ambush
Guide: You’ll be jumped by 3 gang members after a women asks for assistance with a mugging.
Location: Near the old oil derelicts / Random
Reward: Get whatever cash they drop. No cops called (for me at least)
Contributor: Full Throttle

Random Event: Pharmacy Robbery
Guide: Two guys (one with a very familiar accent) who ask you to grab a getaway car. Grab a 4 door car, pick up the crooks and lose the wanted level.
Location: The pharmacy near Franklin’s Aunt’s house
Reward: Packie Mcreary as a possible heist crew member
Contributor: Paul Bradshaw

Random Event: Car Rescue
Guide: I picked her up and took her to a safe house in Sandy Shores
Location: Driving N and W along the main highway in the NE of the map near where one lane goes into a tunnel
Reward: A getaway driver in future heists.
Contributor: Shinigamiwrath

Random Event: Trevor Ambush
Guide: When you approach it, you get ambushed from behind by a man who tazes you. You wake up in your underwear on train tracks with a train coming right for you. I’ve heard you might be able to shoot the man before he stuns you, but I wasn’t able to.
Location: In the Grand Senora Desert/Sandy Shores area as Trevor, you can find an abandoned car.
Reward: N/A
Contributor: Gram

Random Event: Trevor Ambush
Guide: There is a guy in a broken down “rental car” he needs to get to the airport terminal fast. you have like 3 min to get him there
Location: Guy near the house you have to assassinate the guy in from the BFI mission (torture mission) { i cant be any more vague can i?} Left side of the map.
Reward: $150
Contributor: Full Throttle

Random Event: Drug Deal Gone Bad
Guide: 3 guys are shot but still alive, kill them, pick up the case.
Location: In Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness to the NW of the 3 parachutes on your map a drug deal gone bad.
Reward: $25,000
Contributor: Ken De Haeck

If I discover more random events, I’ll be sure to include them here. If you have any additional information, please leave a comment below.

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