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Grand Theft Auto Online Guide: Fleeca Job Guide

Grand Theft Auto Online Guide: Fleeca Job Guide

Once you load online for GTA 5 Lester will call you up so you can start up your first heist. The first heist is called the Fleeca Job and it will have you robbing a small bank with one other person. This guide will help you get through the heist on hard so you can earn maximum cash!

Grand Theft Auto 5 Fleeca Job Guide

After you talk to Lester at his warehouse go back to your apartment and he will call again to start up the heist. You do need a higher level apartment to start up the heists so if you don’t have one, buy one. You also need to be level 12 or above to start them.

Scope Out

You will need two people for this part and it is pretty basic. After Lester gets done talking get into his car and drive towards the way point. The only thing you need to do right now is avoid getting the cops on you. Drive to the bank without causing any issues and Lester will show you the inside of the Bank. After that the Driver has to drive to the next way point and the passenger will have a mini game to go through. The mini game is kind of a mini puzzle where you need to guide the line from the start to the finish. Don’t worry if you crash into the wall you won’t lose any progress you’ve made so far.

After you get to the next check point and finish the hacking mini game you will have to change over to a truck. Take the truck to the garage and you will finish the set up for this mission. After that you will set up for the next part of the mission called Kuruma.


This part of the mission has you stealing a new armored car for the getaway. For this mission I would buy extra snacks and armor for the gun fight in the parking garage. The crew leader can choose outfits for this mission if they want or you can pick from a few pre selected outfits for the mission. After you get all set up head to the marker and you will have two choices for getting the car.

First choice is just rush up the north ramp and go in guns blazing. This can work if you have a couple of good players but I used option two, the south ramp.
If you go up the north ramp you can actually use the ramp as cover and pick off all the enemies without to many issues. Make sure you clear out all the enemies without blowing up the Kurama or getting killed. If you get killed you will have to restart this part of the mission.

Going up the south ramp will let you be the first person to shoot and you can do it from a distance. Use the ramp and either a sniper rifle or a assault rifle to pick off the enemies around the Kurama. If you go to far up you will be exposed and likely get killed because the AI has crazy good aim on hard. If you stick towards the bottom of the ramp and slowly move up you can retreat back down and heal/armor up as need be. Once you take out all the guys go up and steal the car.

After you steal the car the passenger should shoot any enemies while you go down the ramps to the exit. You cannot toss explosives out of this car so use the SMG or Auto Pistol to deal with any enemies in the parking garage. Getting out of the parking garage isn’t really the hard part. The hard part is not getting the cops on you while driving the next check point. Try to take out the enemies tires while you make it to the check point. Once you make it to the check point you will be on to the main part of the heist.

The Fleeca Job

GTA Online The Fleeca Job

The Bonus objectives for this heist is no one dying, beating it in 5 minutes and keeping the car below 6% damage.

Yet again make sure you pick up some armor before you start this mission so if you take some damage you can put some more on. Before you start the mission you can also see the percentages for both players. This is also where you see what each player is doing once they get to the bank. Pick your car and your outfit and then head to the factory to switch your car.

After you get the car on person will have to drive to the bank and the other will have to hack into the bank. The hack mini game is the same as the one earlier in the set up sessions. If you are having rrouble try to use the D-pad instead of the stick that really helped me out. After the hack completes and you arrive at the bank put on your masks. Once you have the masks on enter the bank and the person who has to take out the cameras needs to do that ASAP, there are four in all. After the cameras are down that same player has to control the crowd. The easiest way to do this is to keep the gun pointed and just go over all the civilians and keep the intimidation bar up. DO NOT kill any of the civilians at any point of you fail the mission!

Now for the drill person you have to go back to safe and use the drill on the safe box. Once you are back there push the drill in at full power nice and slow. If you go to fast the drill will over heat and it will take forever to open. Don’t worry about Lester pestering you, the civilians will be easily under control from your friend. As long as you move the drill slow you can do it without the drill over heating once.

After you get the money you will need to get in the car and drive to the bridge and attach it to the Cargobob. Slow down to match the speed of the helicopter and you will beat this mission.

You unlock the Karin Kurama (Armored) at Southern San Andreas Super Sports for $525,000.

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