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Grand Theft Auto Online Guide: Series A Funding Heist Guide

Grand Theft Auto Online Guide: Series A Funding Heist Guide
Trevor joins the Heist game in the Series A Funding Heist. This one has more set ups than any before it and pays out quite a bit. This guide will help you clear the Heist and move on to the next one.

Grand Theft Auto Online Series A Funding Heist Guide

Series A Heist Funding Coke Set Up
This mission has you stealing some Coke from a few frat boys on a yacht. You will split into two teams, one flies and one goes by sea. The guys in the boat roll up to the back of the yacht and get the coke on the very bottom level. The guys on the bottom don’t have much fire power and there isn’t much cover but take it slow anyways. At the back there is some extra HP near the coke, there’s about 6 guys on the very bottom level. After that you need to move up to the upper levels for the rest of the coke. I recommend using a auto shotgun for the interior parts. If you are low on armor or HP find some cover and heal up!

For the team in the chopper, choose a pilot and ensure the other player sits in the back of the helicopter – they cannot fire weapons from the cockpit. On the side of the helicopter the player can use a variety of weapons including sniper rifles, assault rifles and rocket launchers. Approaching the boat you have two options. Take out enemies from afar, ensuring the player in the back of the helicopter is out of enemy fire range, or fly low and drop the passenger off on the boat. From there it’s simply a run and gun mission, using close quarter weapons to dispatch of enemies and grabbing the coke packages along the way – green objectives on the map.

A couple of police helicopters will spawn at two different intervals. They approach from the main land so you have plenty of space to take them out before the arrive. A well placed sniper shot or rocket launcher should do the trick. Once all packages have been collected grab a Jet Ski or boat and head inland down the water tunnels. Lose the police in here, get to a road and grab a car, then head to the final objective marker.

Series A Funding Heist Trash Truck Set Up
You have to steal a trash truck and some trash bags with Molly inside. Once you get to the recycle plant, clear out the security and steal a truck. Then you need to hit four different spots and pick up trash bags. The first one is just picking up trash bags with no resistance. After that you will get some enemies each time you go for trash bags. What we did is grab a trash bag, drop a trash bag, kill enemies, and finally put trash bags in truck. After you clear the initial wave a few more enemies will spawn but they aren’t as much of a worry. You are timed so the trash bag guys should be running when they pick up the bags. After you get all the bags the guys on back should hold of the enemy cars until you make it to the safe zone. You can use the walls, truck, and trash cans as cover. Also be sure NOT to blow up the gas station while you are in it.

Series A Funding Heist Bikers Truck Set Up
Now we are stealing form our old friends The Lost. First thing you need to do is get some silenced weapons from the way point, you can also use your own but either way you need to go there. After that go to the Dingy and head to the shore way point. The trailer park has around 10 guys you need to take out in silence. This one isn’t nearly as hard as the Humane Lab. Take out the solo guy on the outskirts first and then pair up into two groups. One goes up the left and the other goes up the right and eventually you meet in the middle. Call out your shots and take people out in sync. If there is a solo guy just take them out alone. The vans you need are on the north side of the trailer park.

Escaping is a bit hard because C4 doesn’t seem to throw as far as it used to. We used SMGs and just kept driving. You can use armor and snacks while in the van so do that if you get low. It is tempting to run over a bike but don’t! We did that and the van went up, did a 360, landed on its side and we got clipped. Just have the driver focus on driving and the passenger focus on shooting bikers and vans!

Series A Funding Heist Steal The Meth Set Up

Series A Funding Heist Weed Set Up
This one is a bit tough towards the end. The first part has you all going to the Sawmill and setting up. Two lookouts can snipe and two can go in the front. The lookouts DON’T have to stay in their positions, they can come down. Also make sure the guy near the train tracks doesn’t get hit by the train. We used snipers as the looks outs and the ground team used cover to move in on the Ballas. Once it is pretty much clear you can move in and get in the trucks.

Two guys will get in the gunner truck and the others will move the weed trucks. You are timed so you need to move decently quick but at the same time you need to protect the trucks. We had the gunner stick in between the two weed trucks and move up and back depending on where the Ballas attacked from. You can eat snacks and use armor while you are driving if you are taking damage. Also it helps if the gunner is in first person, easier to see and shoot. Once you make it to the drop off you are in the clear.

Series A Funding Heist Steal The Meth Set Up
Another kill and retrieve mission for Trevor. Go to the farm and put on your mask. There are tons of guys on the farm but you don’t have to kill all of them. Clear out as many as you need to as you work your way to the back of the farm and the trucks. Grab a semi truck and use it to grab the tanker. We had a guy in a truck drive in front of the tanker and protect it and we had another in the back protecting it. You have enough time to to get to the way point and take it safe. Again I would avoid sticky bombs because of the range on them now. The biggest issue we had here was us killing ourselves with explosives.

Series A Funding Heist
The actual Heist in this one isn’t all that difficult. Still you should stock up on armor and snacks as usual just in case. The first part has you defending the warehouse from a few waves of enemies. We took cover inside the warehouse and tosses out a few proximity mines for this part. Honestly this was pretty easy with auto aim and cover. After they are done you need to move the vans with two people while two people escort in a gunner truck.

The biggest issue on this one is actually the AI traffic. They constantly push you around and try to run you over if you are on the road. First enemies you have to deal with are choppers. We parked the Vans under the bridge and we all focused on the choppers till they stopped spawning, had about 5. After that you can keep moving constantly while the gunner truck deals with the Lost and other enemies. We had the gunner truck up front and the vans in the other lane behind. Some of the Lost bikes go through but they ran into the Vans and died pretty constantly. Remember you can use armor and snacks while driving. As long as the gunner sticks near the Vans you shouldn’t have much trouble with the Lost. You are timed but you do not need to rush.

After you clear it you need to wait for Lester’s last call and you can start the next heist.

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