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Grand Theft Auto Online Guide: The Humane Labs Raid Heist Guide

Grand Theft Auto Online Guide: The Humane Labs Raid Heist Guide
The third heist has you raiding one of the Merryweather labs looking for some files. I think this one is a bit easier then the prison bust but it is still fun. This guide will help you get through all the set ups and the heist at the end!

Grand Theft Auto 5 The Humane Labs Raid Heist Guide

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Humane Raid Key Codes Heist Set Up
This mission has you collecting some codes from a source and the escaping. Go to the check point and wait for the contact to drive in. There will be two people above you providing covering fire and two people on the ground level fighting off other FIB agents. We had one of the guys in cover use an explosive on the guys at the front entrance while the two on the floor went up to the high ground. Fighting on the ground level is dangerous because all the cars could potentially explode. Up on the second level there is enough room for two people to take cover. Up here you can take out the enemies as they come in without having to worry about dying. Once you can collect the brief case have two people cover while two other drive home with the brief case. The guy with the brief case is going to have enemy cars spawning on them until they get close to home. Have the second guy in the car cover the driver and you shouldn’t have much trouble making it home.

Humane Raid Insurgents Heist Set Up
This part of the heist has you stealing a couple of Merryweather trucks from the Quarry. Head to the way point and once you get to the gate, kill the enemy Merryweather guys there. Once you get near the Trucks use the high ground to take out the enemies down below before going for the objective. After you kill the enemies get two in one truck and two in the other. One of the trucks has a gun on it so that truck should lead AND take out the helicopters. The back truck should have a passenger using explosives to deal with anyone the front truck misses. You can heal and use armor while driving so do so as needed. Once you get to the objective you clear this part of the mission.

Humane Raid EMP Heist Set Up
This one is actually pretty fun. First thing you all need to do is get to the boat at the beach. Take the boat out to the carrier and put your mask on. You will have to fight your way up to the top deck and enter the Hydra and some fighter jets. While you are going through the carrier use the crates as cover and avoid being close to any missiles on the ground, we lost a guy to explosive damage. Clear out the enemies bit by bit and move up kind of slow so you don’t get over ran. Once you make it to the jets you will have to take out a few enemy jets. It isn’t hard with 4 player jets, just use the homing rockets. After that go land the Hydra and you will beat the mission. Queue the Top Gun theme song.

Humane Raid Valkyrie Heist Set Up
This mission has you stealing a gunship from the Merryweather guys at the docks. Now we used an armored car and drove it to the crane near the helicopter and fought from back there. If you don’t have the armored car you will need to fight you way to the chopper using cover and extra armor/snacks. DO NOT use explosives near the chopper because it doesn’t have much armor. Once you get into the chopper you will have to deal with enemy choppers.

We just landed on a building near a city and used snipers and rockets to take down the choppers from the ground. If you have a good pilot and good gunners you can do it in air but we didn’t have the skill. There are 5 in total so when you have one left just go after it. After you deal with the enemy choppers, you land the gunner chopper and beat the mission.

Humane Raid Deliver The EMP Heist Set Up

Humane Raid Deliver The EMP Heist Set Up
Bring Silenced Sniper Rifles for this mission. This one is a bit difficult if you don’t sync up your shots. The first part is getting the truck which is easy. After that you need to plant the EMP in the base for the next part of the heist. Before you can do that you need to clear out all the Merryweather soldiers and scientist in the area. We split up into two teams for this part.

First team has to take out the two at the entrance to the lab. While they are doing this the other two go up onto the hill that overlooks the where the truck is going. While they are taking out the two at the gate one of you needs to take out the guy driving the truck and the solo guy over looking where the truck is driving. From there the two on the hill can take out the guys near the container, one is crouching and one is standing. While they do this the driving team brings the truck into the base but not into the line sight of enemies.

Now bring one guy from the hill into the base and leave the other guy on the hill to for sniping purposes. At this point three rolled together so we had an extra in case one missed. Take out the two scientists starring at the monkeys while the sniper takes out the lone soldier a little further down. Now you need to wait for the two scientist to come out of the left part of the base, takes about 15 seconds. Once they are both out call your shot and take it. There should be a solider and a scientist near the garage that your sniper can see. Sync up shots and take both of them down. Lastly there is a single guy roaming in the base, sneak up and end him. Hack the garage and park the truck inside, I didn’t hack so I’m not sure how it goes. Finally get in the truck near where you park the EMP and escape the lab. If you just run you seem to get caught so use the Lab truck to drive out!

The Humane Labs Raid Heist Guide

Grand Theft Auto The Humane Labs Raid Heist Guide

You split up into two teams for this Heist. First team is the ground team and the second team is in the air. Be sure to stock up on snacks and armor before you start this mission. After you get to the chopper you will the ground team will parachute to the parking lot of the lab. Once you land you will have to blow the door open and then you enter Night vision mode. Move throughout the lab taking cover and using either shotguns or assault rifles, sticky bombs work too, to clear the enemies. There are only about 25 in total during the lab raid. Use armor and snacks as you need them and switch up who is going first. If you are low on hp/armor then the other person should lead.

Once you get the files then you need to swim out to the pick up point. They give you way more rebreathers then you need so don’t worry about running out of breath. Once you make it to the beach, use a flare to signal the pilot and get out the way so they can land. You don’t want to die before you get into the chopper or else you need to restart the whole heist. This means AVOID the blades on the chopper!

For the pilot and gunner you need to head to the checkpoint and let the other two skydive from the helicopter. Once they’ve hit the ground you’ll need to retain your altitude until the objective changes. Once it does you will need to lower the helicopter and take out enemies in the area. The single soldiers won’t cause you much trouble but occasionally helicopters will spawn and convoys come down the central road. Prioritize the helicopters until the vehicles reach the entrance and then take them down quickly. The pilot and gunner aspect of this mission is very easy if the pilot is somewhat confident at the controls. You only need to clear the North side of the area, you can ignore the Southern side of the complex.

The next objective will launch once the two inside escape through the tunnels underwater. You’ll need to pick them up off the beach to the South West, once they enter the helicopter you reach a checkpoint. The final aspect of this Heist sees 4 helicopters attempt to destroy you before you complete the objective. Simply take them out and head on home.

Then you need to wait for Lester to call you up heist.

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