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Grand Theft Auto Online Guide: The Prison Break Heist Guide

Grand Theft Auto Online Guide: The Prison Break Guide
The Prison Break is the second online heist you get in GTA online. This heist has more planning than the original but the payout is MUCH higher. This guide will help you get through the Prison Break without to many issues.

Grand Theft Auto 5 The Prison Break Heist Guide

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Be sure to stock up on armor and food before you do the end mission!

Getting The Plane
This set up takes one pilot and three guys on the ground to defend for awhile. Once you pick your team head to the airport with everyone. Once you get there you will have to fight off some enemies in the air field. There will be about 3-4 waves of them depending on how long it takes for your pilot to take off. I haven’t tested this but I am pretty sure if the plane doesn’t leave the waves will not stop. Go in kind of close together near the hanger and use the boxes as cover until the first wave comes in and them go into the hanger. Take out anyone in the hanger and the pilot can start to take off. Now going straight down the run way normally isn’t an option because of the cars but if you go off road a bit you can still take off without losing the the plane.

The guy in the plane just has to land it on the run way at the end of the way marker so for the most part their job is finished. Now the guys at the run way need to take cover in the hanger and eliminate most of the enemies. There are a few pieces of armor and a couple of work benches and tool crates you can use as cover in the hanger to hold out. Let them come to you and use auto aim to pick them off as they come in. As long as you don’t leave cover you should be fine until the enemies stop coming. Once they stop spawning leave the air field and wait for the pilot to land to end this part of the mission.

Getting The Prison Bus
This one is a bit more tricky. Everyone should get into the same truck or car and head for the bus. The idea here is to get a clean shot on the bus driver so the bus stops and one person can hop into the bus before the cops swarm you. There is helicopter escorting the bus so once you stop the bus someone else should get out with a homing rocket and quickly take out the escort chopper. Once the bus is empty have someone drive and then the rest stick behind the bus and protect the driver.

Now losing the cops in the bus is alot more complicated than doing it in a normal car. We went off road across the train tracks and up the hill to the next road. The cops don’t seem to follow you over the train tracks so they have to go all the way around to find you again. This gave us enough time to lose them with the bus driver and the other guys just went to the top of a hill and waited them out. After you lose the cops, return the bus to the check point and finish this part of the mission.

Station Set Up
You will split into two groups for this mission. One group has to go take a sweet car from a cargo container on the ship. Get in a car with your team mate and head to the way marker for the cargo ship. After you arrive the easiest way to get onto the ship is to climb the crane and use the parachute to drop onto the containers. Be sure to press the parachute button right away so you don’t die on the drop. Once you do this an alarm will sound and you will have to kill some enemies and shoot the lock of the container to get the car. Once you shoot the container you and your partner will get into the car and you can start your escape.

Eventually while driving you will get the police on you and you will have to lose them. The game doesn’t tell you this but you actually need to be OUTSIDE of the car to lose the stars. So get to a safe spot and hop out to lose all of your stars. I went down into the tunnels for the first heist in single player to lose them.

The other team is dressed as cops and needs to steal documents from the police station. You will need to get a police cruiser, which can be gotten by calling 911. You need to wait for the guy to stop talking before you can use phone. After they come, get them out of the car and lose the stars. You and your teammate can toss the cops out at the same time and only get one star. I hid under the boardwalk to lose the cops. Then you go into the police station and steal the documents WITHOUT killing any cops. If you stay in to long the cops will catch onto you and there will be a problem. After you have the documents go blow up the car under a bridge and head back home.

Gta Online Wet Work Set Up

Wet Work Set Up
Another two team mission part. The first team has to take out a guy named Popov and his guards. From the perch snipe any guards you can with a suppressed rifle and then move up. Use the radar to see where the guards are looking and clip them with silenced weapons before they can shoot. There are various levels to the villa so sometimes they will be above or below you. Use stealth throughout the area and kill any guards you come across. It’s pretty easy to get through BUT if you get caught Popov will run and he becomes your main target. Just don’t let him escape and then leave the area to beat this part of the mission.

The second team has to kill some lawyers and get a deposition. First go to the vantage point and wait for the two Lawyers to get out of the car. Call them out by the color of their shirts so you know who is killing who. Once you get your targets count down and take the shot. From there you will have a ton of cops pop up in front of the court house. We split up with one guy staying up top taking out cops with explosives while the other guy used an assault rifle to work his way to the deposition. You can kill the cops up front without having any more appear. After you get paper, lose the cops and return to the house to finish.

Grand Theft Auto 5 The Prison Break Heist Guide
This part has you splitting into three teams. You will have a prisoner and a prison guard, a pilot and a Buzzard pilot. In my opinion the prisoner and prison guard is the hardest bit. The pilot needs to avoid jet fighters and the buzzard has to protect the pilot.

The Demolition Man – This is the guy who rides the Buzzard. First off you need to ride up to a prison bus, kill the driver and steal the bus. After you steal the bus you need to bring it to the air port and blow it up, I used c4 on it. Once the bus is destroyed hop in a jeep and go to the Buzzard location. There are two enemies waiting at the Buzzard so take them down. In the Buzzard use the auto lock on missiles to deal with the fighter jets. My suggestion here is to have the pilot fly towards you so you can look onto the jets easier. You have to do this until the prisoners escape.

After the prisoners escape you need to fly right to them and focus on the helicopters attacking them on their escape. The choppers will do the most damage to the vehicle so focus on them and attack ground units when you have time. We had our pilot land at the air strip and the Buzzard escorted the prisoners to the air strip. Just spam the missiles while the prisoners get on the plane and wait for them to take off. As soon as they get in the air take out any choppers on them and begin your escape. Best tip for this is to head for the ocean.

The Pilot – The pilot needs to collect the plane from the airfield and fly towards the destination. Once the two inside the prison reach the Russian it will activate regular spawning fighter jets that the pilot must avoid until the escape is complete. Ensure you remain in the vicinity of the airfield when avoiding the fighter jets as you’ll have around 30-40 seconds to land the plane once the prisoner and guard escape with the Russian. To avoid the fighter jet missiles simply continue to fly in large circles around the airfield and over the ocean. Use the rear view to keep an eye out for missiles and just avoid letting the fighter jet get directly on your 6. Once the prison escape is complete land the plane and ensure you’re facing a direction with enough runway for takeoff.

Use right on the directional pad to open the rear door, allowing the escapees faster access to the plane. From there simply head towards the objective marker, ensuring you increase altitude along the way to reach the height of the marker. If you still have police helicopters on your tail, fly out to the ocean at the highest possible altitude.

Grand Theft Auto Online Guide: The Prison Break Guide

Prisoners – You will need extra armor and snacks for this part of the mission! First thing you do is drive up to the bus that you stole in one of the earlier missions. When you are in that sneak into the prison with it and park it. Now they make it seem like you can sneak around but I’ve had 0% success with this. Once you are inside you will see a guard near the ladder you need to climb with a shotgun. If you get to close he will tell you to stop and open fire on you. The prison guard should just kill him before he has a chance to damage you and then both of you should take out the guards behind you. At this point use armor if you need it. The Prisoner should pick up some of the weapons from the dead guards as much as possible for extra guns and ammo.

After you clear that area climb up the ladder to the roof. Follow the path to the next section of the prison with the guard leading so he can pick off any of the long range guards in the yard. There isn’t any cover up above so the guard should stay up top while the prisoner goes down below so he can get activate the cut scene. After the cut scene a ton of waves of NOOSE agents come into the prison.

Use the wall in front of you as cover and take out the agents before they get to close to you. The Russian guy won’t move until you clear a wave. While you are behind cover use armor as you need it to stay alive, snacks as well. After a wave is down move forward using the walls and crates as cover, make sure the prisoner picks up extra ammo and weapons! Take this part slow and pick off the agents when you can, you do not want to blow it at this point. Once you make it to the front of the prison you will get into an armored truck. At this point you need to figure out where the pilot is going to pick you up so you can head there. We used the air strip in the desert as a landing zone. Figure it out and go there, the chopper will have to cover you from the air. Once you get there you will have to wait for the Russian to get out and get on the plane before you can take off. While he is getting to the plane be sure to shoot any cops you can so you don’t die here.

After that it is up to the Pilot to escape and the Buzzard to cover you until you are in the clear. When you finally lose the stars you will bail out of the plane at a checkpoint and swim up to a beach for the chopper to pick you up. LET the chopper land before you go up to it because we did end up losing someone to the chopper blades at once point. Once you fly into the city for a bit you will clear the heist and get your pay day!

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  1. Oh, sure. It’s not always that easy when the Police Choppers constantly respawn in front of the plane or to the side.

    I’ve only ever managed to finish this TWICE successfully because of this stupid chopper respawn bullshit. And people blame me for this shit.

      1. Of course it’s easy to fly. The problem is when you CAN’T LOSE the police. Even when you (as the player) can’t see any choppers, the wanted level doesn’t drop. So people start blaming the pilot for shit out of his control.

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