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Grand Theft Auto Online – How To Make Easy Cash Fast

Grand Theft Auto Online - How To Make Easy Cash Fast
As the introduction suggests cash and reputation is king is Grand Theft Auto Online. This Grand Theft Auto Online – How To Make Easy Cash Fast is a combined effort from the Gamers Heroes editors and community to bring you the hottest tips to make easy cash as quickly as possible.

Robbing Stores/Shops/Locations

As with the single player in Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online allows players to rob stores for easy cash. Also borrowed from the single player campaign is the risk of return visits to the same store. When you enter a store all you need to do is aim your weapon at the clerk while they empty the cash register. Once completed you can take the money and leave. If you constantly rob the same location the clerk will begin to recognize you and either open fire or call the police as soon as you enter the building. To avoid this potential problem all you need to do is wear a mask. You can also force the cashier to give you the cash faster if you talk/shout or blow into your microphone. Any place that can be robbed is marked with a shopping cart icon. It is also worth noting that you can rob a store without any ammo but if you fire the weapon, they’ll open fire.

Working For Contacts

Grand Theft Auto Online features dozens of contacts that can provide unique and highly lucrative missions. The missions vary greatly but we’re in the process of guiding all of the contacts so stay tuned for that. After Rank 6 you’re able to get a great mission from Gerald that you can repeat over and over. For more information on that click here. This mission gives you $3000 and 1100 Rep Points in under 5 minutes. Remember, if you find a mission with big $$ reward, do it ON EASY. There’s no difference in reward but it will be far quicker.

Robbing Other Players

It’s best not to carry cash around with you in San Andreas as other players will be eager to strip you of your hard earned cash. During the early hours of launch I would imagine a lot of players will not be aware of ATM machines and mobile depositing, as such it’s likely they’ll be carrying all of their cash with them. Simple kill the player by any means necessary to earn yourself a decent cut of their cash.

Simeon Cars

After a short period in the tutorial Simeon will offer you work to collect certain cars for him. All the information is available in the text messages so be sure to check them out once they get in.

Simeon Missions

Call Simeon in-game for a chance to repo cars for cash. They’re not that quick but the missions are easy and give upwards of $5000 a time. For more information on that click here.

Los Santos Trade-In
Los Santos Customs accepts practically any car that isn’t a premium vehicle. So if you find yourself in a nice set of wheels head on over and trade the car in for some cash. The cooldown is roughly 45 minutes so make it a regular thing if you want some big cash.

Assassination Missions
Players that are marked on your radar with a red dot are currently Wanted and you can earn a bounty if you take them down; if you’re good enough. You’re only able to place a bounty on another players head once you unlock Lester at Rank 10, so don’t expect this to be too common during the early days.

Best Missions For Cash

Grand Theft Auto Online - Best Missions To Get Rich
There are quite a few missions that you will get on a very regular basis that are great for farming money. The best way to do this is with a group/crew members for the bonus, and always set it to easy. Easy mode means less enemies, weaker weapons and less health, it does not change your monetary reward. Also note (although untested) apparently only the person selecting the mission needs the required level.

Mission: Violent Duct
Level: 15
Contact: Gerald
Estimated Completion: 4 Minutes
Players: 2-4
Reward: $9,000

Will add more missions as I find them.

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