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Grand Theft Auto Online: How To Make Tons Of Reputation Points (RP) Fast

Grand Theft Auto Online: How To Make Tons Of Reputation Points (RP) Fast
Money is king in San Andreas but you can’t spend it on much without having the reputation to match. This Grand Theft Auto Online: How To Make Tons Of Rep Points Fast will give you some great techniques to earn yourself a crap ton of rep in a short period of time. You can earn Reputation Points in Grand Theft Auto Online in a variety of ways. Many of the methods involved in making quick cash also reward RP, but not quite as much as you’d want. Note that I suggest you do these yourself but obviously there’s bonuses and such with Crews and other players.

The best way to earn Reputation Points is to compete with other players in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes, however that’s only true if you’re able to be among the winners each game. So unless you’re a real player versus player hotshot, I suggest you try other means to earn lots of RP in a short period of time.

Rep Guide Levels 1-6: Grind

There are some other alternatives here such as solo races and Deathmatch modes but for your first couple of hours in Grand Theft Auto Online I suggest that you do a little bit of what MMO players call, grinding. Rob some stores, take out some players and trade in cars at Los Santos Customs on a very regular basis. This will give you the opportunity to earn quick cash and familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics of the game with the tutorial style pop-ups.

Rep Guide Levels 6-10:Death Metal

This is a mission that you’re able to get from Gerald very early on. I believe from Rank 6 onwards. This is a very simple mission that involves driving to Roger’s Scrapyard and taking out a bunch of Ballas before returning the cocaine to Gerald’s apartment. To get this mission from Rank 6 onwards simply ring Gerald on your in-game phone and he will keep giving you this mission.

When you enter the mission be sure to set the difficulty to Hard for the 1.5x RP bonus and then make sure you have enough ammo with your weapon of choice, I would suggest medium to long range weaponry here. On the next screen change the Matchmaking to closed as I feel other players just get in the bloody way.

Once you start the mission head to the Scrapyard. When you arrive park your car across the majority of the entrance and then use it as cover as you take out the Ballas inside. It’s pretty simple, I’ve done it starting with half health and just a pistol without any problems. If you take a few hits simply stay in cover (avoid gaps caused by windows) until you heal a little. Take them all out, grab the cocaine and all the ammo/cash they drop, then simply return to Gerald’s apartment. Rinse and repeat.

The mission takes around 5 minutes and gives $3000 and roughly around 1000 RP. Once it’s done be sure to quit the matchmaking screen before calling Gerald again and doing the mission. As I said before it’s not the fastest method in the world but it’s quick, simple, profitable and doesn’t involve the stress of dealing with other players. This method works until Rank 10 at which point you’ll unlock Lester. Ringing Gerald after this point gives a more difficult and time consuming mission without as much ammo, RP or cash return. You will now also unlock the ability to place a bounty on a player after you speak with Lester.

Rep Guide Levels 10-15: Phone Missions

I was literally inundated with texts offering missions during this period. Be sure you’ve spoken with Lester and you take the call from Merryweather when it comes through. When you’re contacted for a mission ensure it’s from an in-game contact and not a player. You want missions with a minimum of 1 player. As with previous missions be sure to turn the difficulty up for maximum RP. Calling Gerald can be beneficial as he seems to offer Death Metal on a regular basis again at this point, but that could be more random than anything else. Some of the mission from Gerald, such as Gassed Up, can be quite difficult so if you struggle drop it down to normal although there’s 1200 RP in it if you can beat Hard.

If you want to beat Gassed Up on Hard the best method I’ve found is as follows. Follow the road into the drug deal as normal and use your car as cover as you take down the enemies. Get close before getting out as this makes it a lot quicker and easier. Once you’ve taken them all out and grabbed the meth, don’t use the road to escape. Instead head South West towards the bridge and you’ll see some large piles of dirt. Climb up these and run towards the bridge and you’ll see 3 cars of enemies appear. They will get out an engage which is far easier than trying to take them out on the road. Use the bridge as cover and take them out before “borrowing” one of their vehicles to make the drop. $2000 cash and 1200 Reputation Points await.

Make sure you keep turning in cars to Los Santos Customs and find any cars on Simeon’s list.

I’m sure there’s more missions just like this and I’ll find them. This is currently the best method I’ve found to make quick RP and quick cash, be sure to check back soon for some other tips and tricks.

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