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Grand Theft Auto V Guide: How To Make Money Fast

Grand Theft Auto V Guide: How To Make Money Fast
If you’re looking for how to make money fast in Grand Theft Auto V, you’ve come to the right place. San Andreas is truly a land of opportunity and it offers the budding criminal a variety of ways to earn some extra green. This Grand Theft Auto V Guide: How To Make Money Fast will highlight the very best ways to make cash fast with minimal effort. Although these methods work well, the true secret to becoming filthy rich in Grand Theft Auto V involves the Stock Market. We’ve got AMAZING tips here.

Random Events
During your time exploring San Andreas you can discover a variety of random events. This can vary greatly and include everything from assisting police to aiding civilians. These are marked on the radar with a flashing red dot, so they’re easy to notice. The rewards vary from everything including easy cash and skill/stat boosts.

Robbing Security Vans
This is easily the very best method to earn tons of cash early on in the game. They will appear on the mini-map the first time one gets close so use that vehicle to identify other security trucks in the future. It’s easier to kill the two guards first as they will open first as you drive away, quite often taking all but a slither of your life. Once you escape lose the cops before parking in a secluded area and damaging the rear doors. As far as I can tell melee does not work. 4 shotgun hits to the middle of the rear doors should do the trick. I got $5.5k from my first one. They can be a little hard to find but keep your eye out, it’s worth it.

Robbing Stores
It’s not the most lucrative opportunity in San Andreas but a quick stop at a 24/7 or many of the other retail outlets can net you a few hundred bucks. Simply enter the store and aim your weapon at the person behind the counter. Make for a quick getaway for some easy cash.

If you want to make millions on the stock market, complete every Heist with ease, or unlock all the random events; check out our Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Guide Collection.

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