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Graveyard Keeper Graveyard Quality Guide

Graveyard Keeper Graveyard Quality Guide
Part of your grave keeping duties in Graveyard Keeper is, of course, taking care of the graveyard. The graveyard starts off as a mess but you can quickly turn things around and earn some extra cash though it. Check out this guide to find out how to raise your graveyard quality in Graveyard Keeper.

How To Raise Your Graveyard Quality In Graveyard Keeper

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When you first get your Graveyard it is a mess. The fences and gravestones are busted or just plain missing. First and foremost, repair or replace those. For the stone ones, just build knew ones once you run out of Stone Repair kits. Make sure you don’t toss out the Cross or Stone Fences because you can use them later. Wooden fences and signs are better than broken ones so make sure they are all fixed or replaced. Early on you should burn stamina to create stone tombstones instead of wasting a ton of supplies making repair kits.

The biggest trick to the graveyard is who you bury. Red symbols mean it will give you negative points. This means if they have 3 red and 2 white, you need to clean up their grave by three points before you even get a bonus. Early on I try to avoid putting to many of those in the graveyard. Shoot for ones that only have two red and at least two white so you can get a bonus. When you can start burning corpses, burn the ones that you don’t want to bury. Early on the Donkey will drop them off for free but eventually they start costing carrots.

Another thing you can do is put down flowers. The red flowers can be found all over the place and stones are easy to get. In town there is a man who sells the Peat for very cheap as well. he can be found near the Cow farm in the village, he is a shady looking dude. You can also make the Peat yourself if you have the blueprint. Head back to the church and you can put flowers down in the graveyard which will boost you up by two more points. At first you can only put five down but that still gives you 10 bonus points which can be a massive upgrade for you. You earn more cash from your Sermons based church level and graveyard level.

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