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GreedFall Choices & Consequences Guide

Greedfall Choices & Consequences Guide
GreedFall features an array of choices that have different consequences and rewards. This GreedFall Choices & Consequences Guide lists all of the different quests and interactions we’ve discovered that include a choice and a consequence, so you can better decide what outcome you wish to pursue.

As with all games that heavily feature choices & consequences, some are very minor and others may have lasting effects throughout the story. As such, this is an evolving guide that we will continue to update as we move through the game.

GreedFall Choices & Consequences Guide

New Selene Choices & Consequences

Arrest Or Free Charlatan
Arrest Or Free Heretics/Historians
Coin Guard Merchandise Choice
An Aspiring Merchant Persuade/Insist

Hikmet Choices & Consequences

Intimidate, Charm Or Pay The Debt Collectors
Threaten, Reason, Warriors (A Peculiar Alliance)
Attack The Rebels Or Leave

San Matheus Choices & Consequences

Renounce Your Faith Or Confirm Your Faith
Promise, Convince or Intuition (Ghost Camp, Reiner)
Convincing Cardinal Cornelia (Saint Matheus Discovery)

Red Woods Choices & Consequences

The Battle Of Red Spears Choices

Magasvar Choices & Consequences

Spare Them Or Finish Them

Tir Dob Choices & Consequences

Order Him, Reveal, Accept Bribe (Expedition Murders)
Reveal The Truth Or Hide It (Saint Matheus Discovery)

Frasoneigad Choices & Consequences

Betray Peddir Or Lie And Suggest Him As Apprentice
Tierna Harh Ritual Choice
Kill The Bridge Alliance Spy Or Spare The Bridge Alliance Spy
Speaking With Mev

We are updating this GreedFall Choices & Consequences Guide as we progress through the game.

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