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Greedfall Side Quest Guide

Greedfall Side Quest Guide
While playing through Greedfall you will run into quite a few side quests. Check out this Greedfall side quest guide to find all of them as some of these quests can’t be missed but others will be hard to find.

Many of GreedFall’s quests have different choices, outcomes, and methods of completion. This guide focuses primarily on where to find each of the side quests and the objectives you must complete in order to finish them. If you want more detail on possible outcomes based on your decisions, check out our Choices & Consequences guide.

Greedfall Side Quest Guide

Serene Side Quests

Heretic Hunt
The Charlatan
Coin Guard Merchandise
Save Constantin
Disappearing Amongst The Nauts

New Serene Side Quests

The Man With The Silver Coin
An Aspiring Merchant
Exploration & Cartography
In Professor Serafeddins Footsteps
Champion Of The Arena

Glendgnamvar, Shore of Tall Bones Side Quests

A Peculiar Alliance

San Matheus Side Quests

Trouble In Eden

Hikmet Side Quests

Attacks On Caravans

Tir Dob Side Quests

Theological Conflicts
In The Footsteps Of Saint Matheus

Vedrad Side Quests

Logging Expedition
The Blood Price

Vasco Side Quests

A Name For A Family
Family Reunion
Forever A Naught

Kurt Side Quests

Missing In Action
Amongst The Ghosts

Petrus Side Quests

The Vices Of The Mother Cardinal

Siora Side Quests

Find Queen Bladnid
One of the keys you can find in Greedfall is called the Coin Guard Soldiers Key. When you get the key, you are not told where it is used and might not be able to find it. Check out this guide to find out where to use the Coin guard soldiers key in Greedfall.
An Old Hermit, a dirty swamp, and some drums. This GreedFall Drum Puzzle Guide tells you how to complete the Drum Puzzle in GreedFall during the main story quest, Face to Face with the Demon.
You must find a way to enter the passage using Candles. This GreedFall Stone Candle Puzzle Guide will tell you the correct order to activate the candles during the Demoniacal Cult main story quest where you must light candles to gain access to a special door within a tree.
Contract Missions are special combat focused missions with quick rewards. This GreedFall Contract Missions Guide will tell you where to find more Contract Missions, how to find the enemies that are targeted and the rewards you receive upon completion.

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