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GreedFall Skill Altar Location Guide

GreedFall Skill Altar Location Guide
If you want all the skills, you need to know where to find all the Skill Altars. This GreedFall Skill Altar Location Guide does just that, showing you where to find each of the Skill Altars we have discovered during our adventures in GreedFall.

Skill Altars are unlocked after you leave New Serena. They are hidden objectives scattered throughout the game world that reward you with Skill Points once activated and discovered. Below is a list of all the different Skill Altar locations we have discovered so far.

GreedFall Skill Altar Location Guide

Glendgnamvar, Shore of Tall Bones
Magasvar, Vale of the Great Battle
Wenshaganaw, The Singing Waters
Tir Dob, The Black Lands
Frasoneigad, The Ancient Woods

Skill Altar #1
Vedrad, The Red Woods Altar 1

Skill Altar #2
Vedrad, The Red Woods Altar 2

We are updating this guide on where to find all the Skill Altars as we progress through the game.

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