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What Is The Grimoire In Destiny?

What Is The Grimoire In Destiny?

The Grimoire in Destiny is basically an in game achievement system that rewards you for hitting certain ranks. Some of the rewards come from killing a certain amount of enemies while others require you to do a certain amount of missions or PVP matches. Find out how to check your Grimoire score here!

How To Check Your Grimiore Score In Destiny

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Although the achievements are earned in game you cannot actually look at the cards or your progress in game. You will have to head to bungie.net or download the Grimiore app on your smart phone. Once you do that you can look at your Grimiore score and more importantly find out how close you are to earning a bonus reward.

There are six different Grimiore card sets and each of those have multiple sub sets to complete. To make it simple click the enemy Grimoire and select the Fallen. Now click on the Dreg card and in the bottom right corner you can click the bar to find out how close you are to completing a rank. From there you can read what bonus you will get based off the rank you currently are. For instance I am currently working on rank 3 of the Dreg kills and I now have a passive buff that boosts the amount of Glimmer a Dreg will drop when I use the Fallen Glimmer drop item. You share a Grimiore score across ALL of your characters so any buffs you earn will instantly be applied to a new character you make.

Kills are not the only Grimiore cards that give extra buffs. If you go to Strike missions or Patrol missions you can also gain buffs for those types of events. In order to find how close you are to a certain buff go to the Legend and click advisors. On the bottom right you will see the closest bonuses section.

Outside of buffs all Grimiore cards have a little bit of lore attached to them if you want to get deeper into the Destiny story. Basically anyone you talk to or any planet you complete will have a card you can read if you want. Currently there are planets like Jupiter and Saturn that you can’t access but you have a card for. These are expected to be added in the DLC expansions.

As of now there is now way to access the Grimiore in game. Be sure to check back soon for more Destiny guides!

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