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Guardians Of The Galaxy Choices & Consequences Guide

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game has arrived, and with it and ton of choices. This Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Choices & Consequences Guide will walk you through the entire game, listing each of the choices you encounter and detailing the consequences of each choice so you know what choice to make.

Guardians of the Galaxy is filled with different conversational choices. Controlling Star Lord, you get to decide how to respond to many of the conversations throughout the game. Most of the choices are minor. They will change the dialogue or discussion for that particular moment and have no further impact on the game. Other choices have a much larger impact on the story itself. Follow our walkthrough below to learn about the different choices and consequences as you progress through the game.

The choices marked with a * are those that the game informs you has a lasting impact, although most of these are minimal.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Choices & Consequences Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’Pressure Groot Or Spook Him Choice’]

If you choose reassure Groot
You say what would we get arrested for? We can say we accidently slipped into the quarantine zone.

If you choose Spook him
Star Lord tells Groot they will be shot on the spot. He tells Groot that out here, in the wilderness, there’s no time to arrest people. They will just kill them. Groot responds in typical Groot fashion and then walks away as Rocket laughs.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Investigate Thumpers Or Let Him Work Choice’]

If you choose Investigate Thumpers
If you make this choice Rocket and Star Lord discuss how the Thumpers are going to work. Rocket explains that the Thumpers will make a loud noise, followed by an irritating and funny impression of said noise, as he annoys the entire ship and gets told to shut up. Then they discuss where Star Lord got the intel for this mission and Star Lord promises his sources are reliable.

If you choose Let Him Work
You tell him you will let him finish up, and move on with your day.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’For Cash Or Rep?’]

You tell Rocket that you guys need a big payday, and this is the place to get it. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

You mention that you need the rep so people might start hiring you again.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Defend New Members Or Let Him Reminisce’]

You mention that Drax and Gomora are valuable assets on the team. Rocket will say you are only saying that because she is listening.

You let Rocket reminisce about the old days and you join in.

A lot of these in level choices are just for extra lore so I am going to only add the important ones.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’First Huddle’] There will be two choices for the first huddle.

Telling your crew to laugh in the face of danger will pump everyone up.

Telling them to not get cocky will only buff you.

We have a huddle guide here if you want the answers to the rest of them.


Chapter Two Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Double Down Or Lie Choice’]

If you choose Double Down
If you choose the Double Down choice, Star Lord discusses his past with the other ships captain and promises that he’s not smuggling anything. Drax enters the cockpit with a crate of illegal tech, prompting the captain to ignore your pleas.

If you choose Lie
You lie and tell her that your navigation messed up. Drax pops up with a crate of illegal goods and you are threatened with being arrested.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Hide The Creature Or Hide The Tech Choice*’]

If you choose Hide the Creature
If you choose to hide the creature, Star Lord requests Drax to hide the llama. Rocket is immediately disappointed as he needed the tech. Star Lord explains that he has had previous “relations” with the captain of the other ship and feels he can convince her to let them keep the tech. However, he does not think he would be able to convince her to ignore a potential biohazard. If you make this choice, later in the story, you are fined 7,000 Units for smuggling illegal tech. The Llama will remain aboard for the rest of the journey, you can pet it at certain points in the story, it will also make minor appearances throughout.

If you choose Hide the Tech
You say hide the crate, and Gomora will not be happy about it. You convince her that you can talk your way out of this mess, if they all trust you. Shortly after a boarding party arrives. You will be charged with a fine of 8,000 units. Later in the game you will get lock on rockets for your ship when fighting in space.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Back Pedal Or Stick Up For Nikki Choice’]

If you choose Back Pedal
You back pedal and say she has conviction, not quite overacting in a bad way. Nikki is not happy about this but either way you guys are going up the elevator.

If you choose Stick Up For Nikki
If you choose to stick up for Nikki, Star Lord tells her mother that Nikki handled herself really well and her mum should be proud. Her mum says it’s worth very little coming from Peter, she continues to be upset with her daughter and then locks down the elevator. Her mum realizes her daughter has been able to bypass all of the ships security and asks Nikki to show her.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Make A Joke, Back Up Ko-Rel, Reactivate Elevator’]

If you choose Make A Joke
Star Lord makes a joke about being stuck in an elevator. Both Nikki and her mother do not appreciate the joke. Nikki and her mother continue to argue. Making this choice eventually leads to Nikki trusting you enough to give you her passkey. This allows you to enter Nikki’s room much later in the story, however, you can get in either way.

If you choose Back Up Ko-Rel
You say I am pretty sure you’re mom is on to you. Ko-Rel says no one is leaving the elevator until she gets some answers. Nikki tries to lie and say that it’s because she is small and she can fit through things easier. This choice leads to her losing her access key.

If you choose Reactivate Elevator
You try to stop the lock down, which doesn’t work. Both of them are disappointed with you in this instance. Nikki isn’t sure if she an trust you.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Side With Ko-Rel Or Try To Help Nikki*’]

If you choose Side With Ko-Rel
If you make this choice, Star Lord tells Nikki that her mum deserves to know. The exploding ship was a serious problem and Ko-Rel should be told. Star Lord learns that Nikki is 12 and is impressed, assuming her to be older due to her ability and intelligence. Making this choice eventually leads to Nikki trusting you enough to give you her passkey.

If you choose Try To Help Nikki
You mention the system wide glitch. Nikki talks about the security being down, and you agree with her. Ko-Rel will tell Nikki to empty her pockets, and she will say no.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Tell Ko-Rel The Truth, Divert Attention, Take The Blame’]

If you choose Tell Ko-Rel The Truth
You tell Ko-Rel that Nikki has a passkey. Nikki will have to give up her pass key and she will be upset with you.

If you choose Divert Attention
You tell Ko-Rel that you still have feelings for her, which throws both of them off guard. Nikki will be unsure if she can trust you, but she still loses her key. You also learn that she made the key herself.

If you choose Take The Blame
If you make this decision Star Lord tells Ko-Rel that he was responsible for hacking the doors. If you make this choice, Nikki will give you her passkey.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Do The Math Or Ignore The Math Choice’]

If you choose Do the Math
You do the math, Nikki might be your daughter. Ko-Rel says that you haven’t changed a big and you offer to pay the fine off in three cycles. Depending on an earlier choice you will have to pay 7k or 8k for the smuggling.

If you choose Ignore the Math
If you choose to ignore the math, Star Lord asks his toy chewie if he wants to stay or return with him. He plays with the Wookie and makes a Wookie voice, and decides he is okay and he will remain with Ko-Rel.


Chapter Three Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Hear Out Drax, Call On Groot, Focus On Rocket’]

If you choose Hear Out Drax
Star Lord says the team should at least listen to Drax. He explains that Fing Fang Foom is a legendary monster, feared in all the galaxy. He goes on to explain it would be a glorious death, to which the rest of the team explain that death is not the objective. Rocket then says selling Gamura’s figures is the only choice, Groot brings the team together and says they should combine ideas.

If you choose Call On Groot
You call on Groot, and listen when he has to say. Rocket translates and tells you that the ideas should be combined.

If you choose Focus on Rocket
You say that maybe Rocket has the nice idea. Rocket says there are people willing to pay high prices for her collection. Gamora will say simply put, you don’t have the time to sell it before you lose your ship.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Vote To Sell Groot Or Sell Rocket’]

If you choose Vote to Sell Groot
Star Lord expresses gratitude for Groot putting his name forward to be sold. He explains that Groot is the more convincing monster and promises to help Groot escape as soon as they have made the transaction. You do get an opportunity to change your mind on this choice later in the story but either way, it doesn’t make a huge difference. It changes a few cut-scenes and the mission after you meet Lady Hellbender changes to a more stealth approach instead of Rocket’s chaotic approach.

This decision changes a number of cut-scenes later in the game and makes one particular mission completely different. There is a mission for both Groot’s choice and Rocket’s choice. You can still get all the same outfits so it’s just personal choice.

If you choose Vote to Sell Rocket
You choose Rocket and say that he is scary on the inside. With Rocket inside, you can use his mind to help you find and extract him. Rocket is also looking forward to holding this over you.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Encourage Drax Or Stop Drax’]

If you choose Encourage Drax
You tell Drax to do it, and Rocket is furious you let him do that. You then tell him he will get an increase of 10% to his cut and he activates the bridge for you. Rocket will be furious the next time it is suggested to toss him.

If you choose Stop Drax
If you choose to stop Drax, Star Lord tells Drax that they will not throw Rocket. Star Lord finds another way. You need to drop down onto the ledge, destroy the goo, and proceed through the cave. At the other end of the cave there’s an obelisk Drax can topple so you can get to the other side.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Encourage Drax Or Stop Drax Again’] This choice is only available if you chose to Stop Drax the first time he tried to throw rocket.

If you choose Encourage Drax
Plays out much like the previous choice where Drax throws Rocket.

If you choose Stop Drax Again
Star Lord tells Drax again, we will not throw rocket. Drax complains that it’s not necessary to be concerned about the beasts feelings. Then you need to find another route. Shoot the nearby gunk to reveal the path.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Stand Your Ground Or Change Your Mind’]

If you choose Stand Your Ground
Star Lord tells Drax he’s sticking to the plan and Groot gets into the cage. The changes from both of these choices impact a few cut-scenes in the near future but ultimately, it doesn’t make a huge difference.

If you choose Change Your Mind
If you choose this option you can swap Groot and instead choose to sell Rocket. Gramora gets angry because you voted on it, Drax agrees, and Rocket is happy to go into the cage.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Deflect, Qualify, Rationalize, Compromise, Reassure, or Argue’] This happens during a flashback. Ultimately, the choices don’t matter, the end result is the same.

You tell your mom that she watched scary movies when she was younger. Your mother doesn’t budge.

She doesn’t budge, you have to do some more convincing.

You try to make it sound rational, but she needs to be pushed a bit further.

You tell her you can still do that stuff, or at least some of it. Then you ask her please and she still doesn’t budge.

You convince her that it won’t be such a big deal and she gives you the cash.

You tell her you aren’t a little kid, you walk alone all the time. Then they go over what happened yesterday. She finally yields and gives you the money for the movie tickets.


Chapter Four Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Side With Rocket Or Gamora’] Right at the start you need to pick a plan. You can change your mind on this decision a little later.

Side with Rocket
Rocket says that it is smart to agree with him. Then he makes fun of Gamora a bit.

Side with Gamora
Star Lord says Gamora can be trusted, he trusts her with his life.

Neither choice matters. You will do Rocket’s plan anyway

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Take The Lead Or Encourage Drax’]

Take The Lead
You say that you have this. You introduce yourself and the queen has no idea who you are. You then ask Drax to show her the monster, and he gets confused.

Encourage Drax
Drax agrees that it for the best since you are not good at negotiation. He talks to the woman and says that she must be skilled with that weapon. She offers to give him a demonstration and Drax calls her a worthy opponent, but they are on business first. Then you will either show Groot or Rocket, depending on an earlier choice.

Depending on whether or not you chose Groot or Rocket, one of the team will attempt to sell them by describing their species and what they can do.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Encourage Cuteness Or Push Ferociousness (Rocket)’]

Encourage Cuteness
You tell her that Rocket is super cute when he drinks from a saucer. The queen and the group have a good laugh at this. The queen seems to love his attitude, but this trigger Rocket into shooting everyone. Plan B is on.

Push Ferociousness
You convince the lady that Rocket is actually a strong creature. Look under all that cuteness and he is a lean mean killing machine.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Price Negotiation (Groot)*’] If you choose to sell Groot, you will have these choices.

Offer Less
If you make this choice Star Lord counters with an offer for 10,000 Units. Star Lord and Gamora agree that 10,000 Units is enough but Drax says his original request of 20,000 Units was not a mistake. She offers 9,000, then Drax makes a counter offer of 9,537. Groot is taken away.

Support Drax
If you choose this option Drax asks for 20,000 Units. Lady Hellbender offers 15,000 Units but Drax must stay. Drax explains he has other commitments. Lady Hellbender settles on 12,000 Units. Making this choice brings up the hint that Drax was surprisingly good at negotiations with Lady Hellbender. With the extra units, you can purchase a doll for Gamora later in the story

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Price Negotiation (Rocket)’] If you chose to sell Rocket, you will have these choices

Stick with it
If Rocket is the one talking, he will make the suggestion of 20k and you can agree with him. You lie and say you have another dealer lined up. Sadly the Collectors don’t take creatures like Rocket so she knows you are lying. This will trigger plan B, which is shoot your way out.

Offer Less
You say you were thinking more like 12,000 credits and she says she is more interested in Groot anyways. Rocket loses his cool and starts shooting.

Chapter Five Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Ask About Crime Or Ask About Nova Corps’]

If you choose Ask About Crime
Star Lord asks about the crime and the criminal says nothing, case of mistaken identity.

If you choose Ask About Nova Corps
You ask him about what’s going on. He says he doesn’t know much, but does want you help getting out. You then get the choice to interact with the holding cell or not.

Hit the switch on the holding cell
Rocket laughs as the cell gets lowered and Rocket says congrats, you just killed your first prisoner. Drax says that seems improbable. In the next room you will find him again but he will disappear, still in his cell. Eventually, he will be sent off into space while still in his cell.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Put It Down Or Speak Into Helmet*’]

If you choose Put It Down
If you make this choice Star Lord puts down the helmet and doesn’t engage with the voices on the other side. He throws the helmet to one side. A notification appears saying the Guardians agree that staying silent was the smarter choice. As you attempt to leave the station, you witness the execution of Nova Corps members.

If you choose Speak Into Helmet
There are voices going through the helmet, but they don’t sound like Nova corps. You mention that you are looing for the centurion, and the voice says they will help you. You tell the voice where you are and it says it will come to you. Guards will come and the other Guardians won’t think it was the best idea to speak into the helmet.

You then get two more choices

You say that you and the team are good, so you’ll just be going. The obviously doesn’t work and fight starts.

You say her ship is docked outside and he offers to show you the way. You can then defend yourself or stall, but either way its a scrap.


Chapter Six Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Defer To Gamora, Tell The Truth, Pretend You Remember, Freeze And Say Nothing’]

If you choose Defer to Gamora
You say yeah you remember him, right Gamora? Gamora will say that the two of you fought together, and he will say he didn’t fight in a any war. Singing will begin.

If you choose Tell the Truth
If you make this choice, Star Lord tells him that he doesn’t remember meeting him and apologizes. He seems upset that Star Lord forgot and begins to sing. He reminds Star Lord of an unbreakable blood oath they made.

If you choose Pretend you Remember
You lie and say how could someone forget a face like that. He laughs at your joke and seems to be relieved before starting to sing.

If you choose Freeze and Say Nothing
If you say nothing, Rocket will do some annoying sipping before the creature gets upset. He will sing, and it’s time for you to join in.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Like a Hurricane or Sweetest Lover*’]

There are song lyrics here.

Rolling like a Hurricane
Making this choice and both men sing along.

Like a lover
You sing about my sweet lover and everyone stops. He gets mad and says get it right this time.

Cherry Lips
You sing about kissing cherry lips and the guy loses it. He does NOT like people talking about his lips or lack of them. You will be told you’ve made a new enemy. He tells you that if he sees you again, you are dead. Well he sings it, but you get my meaning. You will run into him again and have to fight him and kill him. He does not give the coupon like this.

Through the Rain
This is the next line in the song. Choose this line and you will get a notification that you salvaged the friendship with Lipless that you don’t remember. You also get a coupon that lets you visit the collectors emporium for free.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Buy The Disabler Or Refuse The Disabler*’]

If you choose to Buy The Disabler
You purchase the Disabler and you get a notification that you have purchased a black market device to disable the Nova Core device. I was not able to find any use for this during the entire story.

If you refuse the Disabler
You say that you should let your Tech guy make the choices. The dealer says to send him by when you can.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Lets Play Or No Thanks’]

No Thanks
If you say no thanks, you walk away from the game. The brain gets REALLY mad and screams at you.

Let’s play
You then get to play a game of guess where the ball is. For me it was in the middle and I won 1000 credits. He will then ask you to play again, as any decent con man would.

Play Again
This one will cost you 1500 but the ball won’t be in the cup you chose. You will try to call the brain out, but he leaves and takes your money. Your best bet is to win the first one and leave.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Play Slots’]

Play The Slots
If you spend 500 then you hit the jackpot, but the machine malfunctions. If you interact with it again Peter mentions that it is still broken. I’m going to gamble with the credits and see if it gets fixed later or not.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Check On Drax Or Focus On The Rift’]

Check on Drax
You ask him if this is the thing he came to check out. He says no, he came here to remember his family. The two of you bond on family members dying for no reason.

The Rift
You ask Drax what he thinks what would happen if you go through the rift. Drax says he doesn’t know. You and Drax share a moment between people bonded by loss. You will then get another choice.

Disagree with Drax
You say that your mom was a good person, and she is in heaven. She doesn’t deserve to be left out in nothingness. Drax will then ask to be left alone.

Probe Drax
Is that why you come up here? Drax says yes, he comes up here to speak with them.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Important Or Enemies’] This is part of a flashback scene.

You ask what she means? Your mom tells you that he was a king of an entire world and a great leader. She says you will be just like him, but leading is never easy. Then she mentions that you are both beings watched.

If you make this choice your mother tells you about your fathers people being at war, and he had to leave Earth otherwise the war would arrive on Earth too. Then the dog begins to bark as she explains your father gave up his life on Earth to protect his people, but now something is coming.

Chapter Seven Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Defuse The Situation Or Push Back’]

Defuse the Situation
Star Lord and Rocket bark at each other, it’s great, then Cosmo appears.

Push Back
Same thing as above, you bark at each other.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Sell Out Rocket Or Stick Together’]

Sell Out Rocket
You say you had nothing to do with Rocket. You say that he quit the Guardians and the two of you bicker. Cosmo knows that you were on Nova Rock. Cosmo has had some issues there as well.

Stick Together
If you make this choice Star Lord says it’s all a big misunderstanding. Gamora explains that they are here to investigate the issues at Nova Rock.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Red Or Yellow Power Supply’]

You go to plug it in and it triggers the doors to open. You guys are flung out towards space and you have a couple quick time events before getting a new elemental shot.

Same as the red, you touch the green thing.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Sweep The Leg Or Ride The Stars*’]

If you choose Sweep The Leg
Gamora will remember the phrase.

If you choose Ride the Stars
It says Gamora will remember the phrase.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Question The Math Or Do The Math’]

Question the math
You say it doesn’t prove anything, the dates just match up. You then refocus the team to keep looking.

Do the math
You say that yes, the dates match so it is possible. But then you refocus the team to keep looking around.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Confess Or Deflect’]

You admit that the creature is likely the one that you released.

You say that Rocket is right, you have no idea if that is the creature you released.


Chapter Eight Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Distract Raker, Feign Interest, Support Gamora’]

You say he has something going on with his face, and he will tell you he was disfigured during a battle.

You act like it is too much to take in and that you have so many questions. Raker starts to tell the whole story while Rocket messes around.

You cover for Gamora, but want to know more about the energy.

Followed by more choices.

Something about her
He talks about the second divine vessel and how they didn’t revive his son.

Something about them
You wonder what he meant by them.

Something about him
He tells you about his son and how he died. The him he means is the divine vessel of this church.

And then.

Admire the con
You say that you like how much he is into his spiritual mission.

Fake heart attack
You put on a terrible performance and pretend to have a heart attack.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Rethink Choice Or Accept The Promise’]

Rethink Choice
If you rethink the choice, the cut-scene returns to where you saved your mother and plays out the same but you have to break free

Accept The Promise
The journey ends

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Play Along Or Come Clean’]

Play along
You say you didn’t forget anything. You are then sent on a task to set everything up.

Come clean
You admit that you forgot. You are then informed you promised to help set up a birthday party.


Chapter Nine Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Focus On Bounty Or Identify With Glory’] You won’t get this choice if you took Groot to sell to Lady Hellbender

Focus on bounty
You try to focus on the price and offer to pay more.

You tell him that he has a cool Merc name and explain how you range with the ravagers. He makes fun of you for being weak and explains the lethal legion.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Computer Choices’] To get through the computer part, go to report a crime, past crimes, and offer to pay the fee. This will push you to the next part.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Reject Conclusion Or Share Intel*’] If you choose the options that encourage the Worldmind to help, you will sow a seed of doubt in their routines and allow them to adapt to the faith energy. This will cause Worldmind to appear alongside the Guardians in the final battle.

Reject conclusion
You tell the Worldmind that they can be stopped. You try to convince them to join up to stop the enemies, but it doesn’t work.

Share intel
You tell them about how you escaped their ship and you could share your intel. The computer doubts you can tell it anything. Pick this one if you want the Worldmind to help.

You will get more choices after.

Question strategy
You ask where would they even go? They will not give you that info, but you don’t think they can hide.

Appeal to duty
You say as Nova Core’s leader you have a duty to protect the galaxy. The Worldmind says that is incorrect, and the risk of fighting is too great. Pick this one if you want the Worldmind to help.

More choices.

Call out coward
You call them scared and that they are running away. They say they cannot be afraid and give you the same line about the prime directive. This will not convince the Worldmind to help.

Put into perspective
You say you control the Nova Force and the Worldmind says yes. It tries to explain how it consumes energy, but it is a tad confusing. Pick this one if you want the Worldmind to consider helping.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Pay Your Debt Or Leave*’]

You pay the fee and the team groans. This will get the disabler off your ship and the Nova Core will trust you more.

Don’t pay
You say screw it and leave. You chose not to pay the fine and Gamora reminds you about the disabler on your ship. If you didn’t get the disabler tech earlier from the shop, you might want to pay now. If you bought the disabler earlier in the story a notification appears that you decided not to pay your fine. You do not get to use the disabler at any point.


Chapter Ten Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Lie Or Stall Him’] Lie
Yeah, you totally accepted it. Drax is happy about this and says you will see your mother and daughter again.

You try to stall him by saying you have some questions. Drax understands and will explain it to you.

This leads into more choices.

Fight For The Guardians
You say they are our family, and you should give them a chance. You say the crew is scared, but they will come around. Drax will believe you and be ready to move on.

Appeal To Drax
You say its murder and they can’t accept the promise if they are dead. Drax says the matriarch will bring them back anyways. Either way you get busted when you don’t know the plan.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Call BS or Indulge Curiosity’]

Call BS
If you make this choice Star Lord says you can’t give a craving name and he denies naming it, explaining it clawed through his consciousness

Indulge Curiosity
You ask what it wanted. Drax says that he also could hear that voice, and nothing else. Raker stole the gem from Warlock.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Blame Warlock Or Blame Raker’]

Blame Warlock
Star Lord says Warlock is to blame because he was careless. Warlock said he was deluded by desperation.

Blame Raker
You say that Raker knew exactly what he was doing, and Warlock was duped.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Focus On Nikki Or Ko-Rel’]

Focus on Nikki
If you choose this Star Lord explains that Nikki needs to accept her mothers death.

Focus on Ko-Rel
You wonder if you can actually get Ko-Rel back. Warlock says no, Nikki needs to accept her mothers death.

Chapter Twelve Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Clarify Answer Yes Or Answer No’]

You say yes and agree. Warlock makes an oath with Starlord.

You say you do not know he wants, but you aren’t bending over backwards for it.

Warlock explains what he means and insults you.

More choices.

Leave it at that
You say that’s good enough for you and move on.

You say how do you know you can trust him? He was a friend with Raker in the past so maybe this is his plan.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Scold Or Offer Hand’]

Waking Cosmo from the Promise will make him appear in the final battle to aid the Guardians.

You say bad dog and Cosmo bites your finger. Cosmo then says that a real friend would never bark at Cosmo. Not a good choice if you want Cosmo backing you up later.

Offer Hand
Star Lord calms Cosmo by reminding them of their friendship. Cosmo calms down and speaks to Star Lord. Pick this is you want Cosmo to help later. The next few choices don’t matter, its this first one that brings Cosmo to his senses.

More choices.

Indulge The Past
You say the Earth was great, but it’s not the time to be home sick. You reminisce with Cosmo a bit but he says you don’t understand.

Focus On Present
Star Lord tells Cosmo Knowhere is his home. Cosmo said it’s nothing, a scrap heap.

More choices.

Remind about puppies
You say that you have a family, you have puppies. You tell Cosmo that they are counting on him to break through this. You tell him not to abandon his puppies in space like he was.

Empathize With Loss
Star Lord explains that he lost his family too, explaining to Cosmo how his mother died. Cosmo comes to his senses and releases the Guardians.


Chapter Thirteen Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Sing Or Don’t Sing With Crew’] If you sing the crew will be happy and battle ready.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Probe For Details Or Embrace The Ritual’]

You say that the people came here to find something.

You say you feel like you are a part of something. Rocket makes a joke and you say it’s about believing in destiny.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Check On Wellbeing Or Harness Aggression’]

Check On
You ask if she is okay. She says she is fine and then goes on to say there is a good chance Nikki might already be gone. Gamora will tell you she hopes that you are right.

You say you are loving the murdering spirit, just know they aren’t all hostile. You ask her to lower the murderness to a high seven and she compromises with a low nine.


Chapter Fourteen Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] You get a few choices during combat, but nothing major in this chapter.

Chapter Fifteen Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Be Cautious Or Snap Her Out Of It’]

Be Cautious
You try to explain it to her but she just tells you to get the items again.

Snap Her Out Of It
Star Lord tells Nikki none of this is real, Nikki doesn’t believe him.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Explain Her Feelings, Try To Relate, Acknowledge Limits’]

Explain Her Feelings
Star Lord explains to Nikki why she is feeling the way she feels, understanding that she must feel angry and hurt. Nikki says he doesn’t understand. She doesn’t care when he means. She wants nothing to do with Star Lord.

Try To Relate
You tell her about how you feel, but she doesn’t care how you feel.

Acknowledge Limits
You say that she is right, you don’t know what she is going through.

After making this choice, you get three more

Try To Relate Again
She is more responsive this time, but still feels like it isn’t the same.

Ease Her Guilt
Star Lord tells Nikki she is not the reason her mother is gone. It seems to get through to Nikki.

Blame Rocket
You tell her to blame Rocket, which sets her off.

Then two more choices

Trust Nikki
If you select this choice, Star Lord tells Nikki she is the only person that can reject the lie. He tells her it’s not her mother. This choice is how you move on from this part.

Pretend Not To Hear
You say I don’t hear anything, which she isn’t buying. Nikki says there is someone at the door and you tell her it could be something else.


Chapter Sixteen Choice & Consequences

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Take The Knee Or Slow Clap’]

Take The Knee
You take a knee and the team wonders what you are doing. The rest of the team won’t kneel.

Slow Clap
If you choose this option the team slow clap, despite the enemy not seeing the sarcastic nature in which it is done.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Appeal Or Badger’]

Appeal To Warlock
You say that this isn’t you, the real you. He doesn’t seem interested in what you have to say. This will cause a restart if you choose it.

Badger Warlock
If you make this choice Star Lord berates Warlock, surprised he was able to become even more obnoxious.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Provoke Or Recall Good Times’]

Provoke Magus
Star Lord continues to insult Warlock, successfully irritating him enough for him to approach. The enemy transform and attacks the Guardians as Star Lord uses the stone.

Recall Good Times
You try to convince him that he is a good guy. You say he is Adam Warlock, not some galaxy destroying war god. This will cause a game over, but atleast The Final Countdown was playing.

[/accordion_item] [/accordion]

Check back soon for more Guardians Of The Galaxy guides.

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