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Guardians Of The Galaxy Choices & Consequences Guide

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game has arrived, and with it and ton of choices. This Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Choices & Consequences Guide will walk you through the entire game, listing each of the choices you encounter and detailing the consequences of each choice so you know what choice to make.

Guardians of the Galaxy is filled with different conversational choices. Controlling Star Lord, you get to decide how to respond to many of the conversations throughout the game. Most of the choices are minor. They will change the dialogue or discussion for that particular moment and have no further impact on the game. Other choices have a much larger impact on the story itself. Follow our walkthrough below to learn about the different choices and consequences as you progress through the game.

The choices marked with a * are those that the game informs you has a lasting impact, although most of these are minimal.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Choices & Consequences Guide

Pressure Groot Or Spook Him Choice
Investigate Thumpers Or Let Him Work Choice
For Cash Or Rep?
Defend New Members Or Let Him Reminisce
First Huddle

Chapter Two Choice & Consequences

Double Down Or Lie Choice
Hide The Creature Or Hide The Tech Choice*
Back Pedal Or Stick Up For Nikki Choice
Make A Joke, Back Up Ko-Rel, Reactivate Elevator
Side With Ko-Rel Or Try To Help Nikki*
Tell Ko-Rel The Truth, Divert Attention, Take The Blame
Do The Math Or Ignore The Math Choice

Chapter Three Choice & Consequences

Hear Out Drax, Call On Groot, Focus On Rocket
Vote To Sell Groot Or Sell Rocket
Encourage Drax Or Stop Drax
Encourage Drax Or Stop Drax Again
Stand Your Ground Or Change Your Mind
Deflect, Qualify, Rationalize, Compromise, Reassure, or Argue

Chapter Four Choice & Consequences

Side With Rocket Or Gamora
Take The Lead Or Encourage Drax
Encourage Cuteness Or Push Ferociousness (Rocket)
Price Negotiation (Groot)*
Price Negotiation (Rocket)
Ask About Crime Or Ask About Nova Corps
Put It Down Or Speak Into Helmet*

Chapter Six Choice & Consequences

Defer To Gamora, Tell The Truth, Pretend You Remember, Freeze And Say Nothing
Like a Hurricane or Sweetest Lover*
Buy The Disabler Or Refuse The Disabler*
Lets Play Or No Thanks
Play Slots
Check On Drax Or Focus On The Rift
Important Or Enemies

Chapter Seven Choice & Consequences

Defuse The Situation Or Push Back
Sell Out Rocket Or Stick Together
Red Or Yellow Power Supply
Sweep The Leg Or Ride The Stars*
Question The Math Or Do The Math
Confess Or Deflect

Chapter Eight Choice & Consequences

Distract Raker, Feign Interest, Support Gamora
Rethink Choice Or Accept The Promise
Play Along Or Come Clean

Chapter Nine Choice & Consequences

Focus On Bounty Or Identify With Glory
Computer Choices
Reject Conclusion Or Share Intel*
Pay Your Debt Or Leave*

Chapter Ten Choice & Consequences

Lie Or Stall Him
Call BS or Indulge Curiosity
Blame Warlock Or Blame Raker
Focus On Nikki Or Ko-Rel

Chapter Twelve Choice & Consequences

Clarify Answer Yes Or Answer No
Scold Or Offer Hand

Chapter Thirteen Choice & Consequences

Probe For Details Or Embrace The Ritual
Check On Wellbeing Or Harness Aggression

Chapter Fourteen Choice & Consequences

You get a few choices during combat, but nothing major in this chapter.

Chapter Fifteen Choice & Consequences

Be Cautious Or Snap Her Out Of It
Explain Her Feelings, Try To Relate, Acknowledge Limits

Chapter Sixteen Choice & Consequences

Take The Knee Or Slow Clap
Appeal Or Badger
Provoke Or Recall Good Times

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