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Guardians Of The Galaxy Hide The Creature Or Hide The Tech Guide

At the beginning of Chapter 2, Star Lord has an important choice to make. This Guardians Of The Galaxy Hide The Creature Or Hide The Tech Guide covers the choices put to Star Lord after the ship is discovered and there’s only enough space to hide the creature or the tech, what choice does what?

Most of the choices and consequences in Guardians of the Galaxy have little to no impact. Most just change the following dialogue or adds or removes minor events immediately after. However, this particular choice appears to have some weight as Rocket explains the tech is needed for upgrades and Gremora expresses concern that the creature could be a biohazard. Then, it’s up to Star Lord on whether or not he wants to hide the tech or hide the creature.

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If you choose Hide The Creature
If you choose Hide the Creature, Star Lord tells Drax to hide the Llama. Rocket is disappointed about losing his stuff. Star Lord goes on to explain that he knows the captain of the other ship and is confident that he can convince her to ignore the tech, but she would not ignore the biohazard. Star Lord explains that they were close and Rocket should trust him. Later in the story, you are fined 7,000 Units for smuggling illegal tech. The Llama remains on board and can be stroked at certain points of the story. It also does this adorable stretch.

Toward the end of the story, it influences another cut-scene when Drax isn’t himself.

If you choose Hide The Tech
Gamora will not be happy about it, but the tech will be stashed. You think you lose the Llama but it actually stays on the ship for some reason. You are also charged 8,000 units instead of 7,000. Eventually I got to use the Tech to fight of some mercenaries hired by the queen. The only reason I was being hunted was because I chose to sell Rocket instead of Groot. I’m not sure if you get any value out of it if you don’t sell Rocket.

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