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Guardians Of The Galaxy Huddle Answers Guide

Huddles are a powerful mechanic in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game. This Guardians Of The Galaxy Huddle Answers Guide will give you the answer to all of the huddles that can appear throughout the game so you can answer correctly and get the maximum bonuses for Star Lord and the team.

Your Huddle Meter builds up over time and once full, can be unleashed to launch a powerful buff for your team. There are two outcomes to each Huddle. If you guess correctly, all guardians will receive a boost to damage. If you answer incorrectly, only Star Lord gets the bonus to damage. Whether you answer right or wrong, every guardian in the group will immediately get revived.

Sometimes the comments and answers are mixed between. It’s an easy enough system to understand. If the team seems down, motivate. If they appear cocky, ground them. If they are too excited, bring them back to reality. We’ve compiled a list of all the huddles we had to hopefully give you an understanding of how to choose the correct answer.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Huddle Answers Guide

Comments: Laughing at us, Scary
Answer: Laugh in the face of danger

Comments: I’ve got this, I’ll murder you
Answer: Take it easy, we’ve got this together

Comments: See that look, Fun
Answer: Stay focused and the fun can continue

Comments: I crave to win, Alone
Answer: No one’s winning alone, we are a team.

Comments: For one, Out of my way
Answer: It’s not about fighting alone, it’s about being united.

Comments: Slower Than Me, You’re both slow
Answer: This isn’t a competition. Guardian’s fight together.

Comments: Long have I craved to win a battle alone, Uhh no, I’ll win this alone
Answer: Nobody is winning alone. We’re a team and we fight as one

Comments: Sloppy and erratic, Brain-dead
Answer: Guys stop, we are a team and we fight like one.

Comments: Celebrate, Call our names
Answer: Don’t celebrate too soon, stay focused.

Comments: Blades are thirsty, run in there right now
Answer: Running around like madmen won’t work.

Comments: What a blast, I’ve not felt this excited since the galactic war
Answer: I get that you’re excited but we gotta stay loose to win

Comments: Yo muscles you blind or something? I see perfectly well
Answer: Stop arguing! We’ll have more fun winning as a team

Comments: I know I have to aim to hit them, they are making me look ridiculous out there
Answer: Stop listening to these clowns, we’ll do it our way

Comments: We’re killing it out there Quill, do you see the look on their faces?
Answer: Stay focused and the fun will continue

Comments: Feels like we’ve been fighting these creeps for cycles
Answer: There’s too much at stake to give up now

Comments: Victory will soon be ours my friend, we’ll have to hit them like lightning
Answer: Talking about what ifs just puts us in trouble.

Comments: Yes celebrate this moment my friends, I am Groot
Answer: Don’t celebrate too soon, we win by staying focused

Comments: Why have you called us off the battlefield? Like butter on a hot knife
Answer: Stay focused and it will be even more magnificent

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