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Guardians Of The Galaxy Investigate Thumpers Or Let Him Work

Another choice in Guardian’s of the Galaxy game comes when you first speak with Rocket. This Guardians Of The Galaxy Investigate Thumpers Or Let Him Work choice guide tells you what happens when you make both choices, so you can choose the response that you want Rocket to give depending on Star Lord’s actions.

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After you wake from Star Lord’s dream, he meets Groot and Rocket in the ship. You initially have a choice on whether to pressure or spook Groot then, when you speak with Rocket, you get another choice.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Pressure Groot Or Spook Him

If you choose Investigate Thumpers
If you choose the Investigate Thumpers choice, Star Lord asks how it’s even going to work. Rocket explains how the device is going to work, making a loud noise that irritates the entire ship and they tell him to shut up. Star Lord explains his sources are reliable. It’s a funny bit of banter between the crew.

If you choose Let Him Work
You decide it will be best to leave Rocket to his work and he agrees. He goes back to tinkering and you are free to explore the rest of the ship.

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