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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vote To Sell Groot Or Sell Rocket

One of the choices in the Guardian’s of the Galaxy game that has a big impact. This Guardians Of The Galaxy Vote To Sell Groot Or Sell Rocket choice guide will walk you through the process of making this decision with information on what happens based on both of the available choices.

Be sure to check out our Guardians of the Galaxy Choice Walkthrough guide. You can have it accompany you through the game and just check each time a choice appears, saves you searching around for the different choices that occur throughout the game. At the beginning of Chapter 3, you are put in a bit of a pickle. The Guardians of the Galaxy have been fined a lot of units by the Nova Corps and need to find the amount within three cycles. The team have two ideas, selling Groot or selling Rocket. The votes have been cast, two for Groot, and two for Rocket, you are the deciding factor and must make the decision.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vote To Sell Groot Or Sell Rocket

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If you choose Vote to Sell Groot
If you decide to sell Groot, Star Lord explains that Groot is more convincing as a traditional monster. He thanks Groot for making the suggestion and promises to bust him out right after. Groot responds in typical Groot fashion. The team set off to sell the monster. Later in the story, there is a choice to change your mind. Ultimately, this decision has quite an impact

Later in the story, when you meet Lady Hellbender there are some additional choices during the conversation. If you choose to Support Drax and let him handle the negotiations, you can tackle the following area in a stealth-like manner. This decision changes the amount of units you can get, you can get 12,000 for Groot, and it makes the areas in Lady Hellbenders fortress more stealth-based.

I don’t want to spoil the story but there are two very different missions once you reach Lady Hellbender. One for Groot’s choice, and one for Rocket’s.

If you choose Vote to Sell Rocket
Rocket says he can pull it off and he is chosen to be sold. You put Rocket in the cage and the queen actually laughs at him when first meeting Rocket. You explain he is actually quite fierce, but the fun poking keeps going. Long story short, Rocket will lose his cool at some point and just start shooting. You will have to escape and steal money from the queen’s vault on your way out.

You will eventually be hunted down by some of Lady Hellbender’s Mercs in space and you will have a battle. If you kept the Stolen Tech in an earlier choice, you’ll get to use missiles in the fight.

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