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Guest Recruitment Guide For Dondoko Island In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Having more resort guests means a lot more money. In this Guest Recruitment Guide For Dondoko Island In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth we list every guest we have found that you can then persuade to visit Dondoko Island next time you begin a tour.

We have not included the Guests you unlock when you rank up the Resort and there are also some iconic characters from the franchise that are unlocked toward the end of the story. They cannot be missed but we didn’t want to include them as it would spoil parts of the story.

Guest Recruitment Guide For Dondoko Island

Genius Child Actor Mayako
Matt Tropico
Kunoichi Kyoko
Sujimon Boy Satoru
Poison Mitsuo
Kitchen Chef Jun
Professor Okita
Sachi The Blogger
Patriarch Gondawara
Hula Dancer Sherry
Nickelle Kidman
Kenji Gorchov
Laura Maeda & Ikari
Asakura (Rank S)
Yasuo Sodachi
Bartender At Revolve (Rank S)
Utamaru (Rank S)
Bill Jobs (Rank S)
Ringmaster Yasuda
Arque Dangerous III
Elizabeth & Alo-Happy
Carnal Sister Yoh & Carnal Sister Yuka

Dondoko Island Commercial Guests

Survivalist Kimura
Mysterious Miser Wakako
Kobayashi The Hippie
Takamura The Clown
Featherweight Hosomi
Aspiring Idol Runa
Hattori The Ninja
Fauxno Michio
Fire Dancer Atsushi
Worn-Out Yappi-Kun
Charismatic Kiraran
Kansai Local Etsuko
Il Yu-Jin
Kanitaro Kaniyama
Jyun Lemon
Golden Yappi-Kun (Rank S)
Gary Buster Holmes
Top Host Toa
Nick Ogata (Rank S)
Risa Unai
Oil Baron Jack
Deville Scarlet (Rank S)

Isezaki Ijincho Dondoko Island Guests

Bartender (Rank S)
Kazuki & Yuya
Munan Suzuki (Rank S)
Tagashi & Matsunaga
Chief Nakajima
Kaoru Sayama (Rank S)
Yuki & Koyuki
Sotaro Komaki
Pocket Circuit Fighter
Kazuma Kiryu (Rank S)

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