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Guild Wars 2 Character Creation Guide Walkthrough

Guild Wars 2 Character Creation Guide Walkthrough
One of the most appealing aspects to Guild Wars 2 is the character creation system and with this Guild Wars 2 Character Creation Guide we hope to educate players on what impact the choices have on your characters career.

As with the majority of MMORPG games, your first call in the Guild Wars 2 Character Creation process is to select your race. Guild Wars 2 currently features 5 playable races, although they’re not all available in the beta stage. Below is a list of the races and their racial ability. You may also want to note that each race has a different starting location and a different story progression system.

Race Choices

Players that choose the Asura race gain access to 2 racial abilities. The utility ability is Radiation Field while the Elite is ability is Golem Battlesuit. Golem Battlesuit is a unique ability that allows members of the Asura race to summon a giant battlesuit that can then be given to any player from any race. More information and abilities will be announced at launch.

Charr have a far more extensive list of racial abilities available. Their racial abilities include Battle Roar, Hidden Pistol, and Shrapnel Mine as utility abilities. Elite is Artillery Barrage, Charrzooka and Warband Support. The most notable of these abilities is the Warband Support, which allows for Charr to summon a number of their Warband to aid them in battle.

Humans also have a variety of racial abilities including heals, buffs and a number of transformation skills. The most notable racial abilities of humans are the transformation abilities, each has various effects and buffs.

All of the Norns racial abilities and pets and transformation skills. They’re able to call a Owl and Wurm to support them in battle and can transform into a Bear, Raven, Snow Leopard and Wolf.

Another race not included in the beta, their racial abilities are related to crowd control. More information will be available on launch.

Question Choices

Although the racial abilities vary greatly, the developers have gone to great effort to make them as balanced as possible. Don’t feel that any particular race is overpowered compared to the others, just pick the one that appeals to you the most. After you’ve chosen your race you must choose your profession. Each class gets asked specific questions. The first question relates to physical appearance and the outcome is different depending on the answer given. When you choose your answer you can then select the back button to check exactly what part of your appearance has been altered, you can also dye the altered piece of equipment using the option. This is a feature many players are unaware of so make sure you tell your friends.

The next question you have to answer dictates your characters personality throughout the game. There are no benefits or negatives for any of the choices, it’s purely how you want to come across in-game. It also changes a lot of the dialogue you can have with NPC characters.

The final three questions relate to your characters personal storyline. None of these questions will punish you or give you any other negative effects, just be sure that you write down your choices so that you can choose an alternate route encase your create a similar character.

That’s pretty much it for our Guild Wars 2 Character Creation Guide Walkthrough. It’s pretty basic but we did get a few requests explaining the outcome of the various questions. Hopefully you find this useful. See you on the battlefield.

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