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Halo 4 Guide: Domain Terminal Locations Guide

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Halo 4 Terminal Location Guide

There is always some form of collectibles in Halo and the collectibles in halo 4 are called terminals. These terminals unlock special content that you can watch in the Halo Waypoint App on your Xbox 360 or at the Halo Waypoint website. This Halo 4 Guide will be your terminal location guide for finding all these story bits. These terminals are very crucial for understanding the story of Halo 4, so they are worth a peek. We will also be posting video guides that include the Halo Waypoint Terminal Content in the near future if you don’t want to go back through the campaign but still want to see the story content.

Terminal Location in Requiem

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The first domain terminal is located towards the end of the second mission called Requiem. If you have to reload to grab this terminal just pick the last point you can and head for the exit. When you get to the large room that is blue and orange at the end that has an elevator in it make sure to take a look around. If you delay going up the ramp and instead check under it there will be the first terminal waiting for you.

Terminal Location in Forerunner

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The second Domain Terminal is located towards the beginning of mission 3, Forerunner. After fighting a couple of nights and a pack of crawlers you will be at the entrance of a Forerunner building. Master Chief’s visor will start to go staticy and Cortana will explain why. Before heading into the structure look bellow instead. There will be the second terminal.

Terminal Location in Infinity

Halo 4 Guide Domain Terminal Locations Guide 3
The third Domain Terminal is located in the middle of Infinity. After making your way through the first portion of the jungle you will come to a section where you meet up with some UNSC inside Infinity. This part of the mission can also be accessed by selecting Rally Point Bravo. After meeting up with the forces cut scene is triggered basically all you have to do is turn around. Cortana will be talking about how the area close by should be big enough to drop down a pick up ship. You should see the Domain Terminal against one of the back walls. If you head back out into the Jungle after meeting up with the UNSC forces you have gone to far!

Terminal Location in Reclaimer

Halo 4 Guide Domain Terminal Locations Guide 4
The fourth Domain Terminal is located in Mission 5, Reclaimer. If you are coming back to pick this terminal up load up Rally Point Bravo. There will be a major cut scene in this portion of the mission that has a cut scene with the Librarian and Cortana. After clearing the room of enemies you will move into a little hallway looking for an access elevator. Before making your way to the elevator turn right and there should be a terminal waiting for you to grab.

Terminal Location in Shutdown

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The fifth Domain Terminal is located after the Delta Rally Point in the Shutdown mission. In this mission there will be a sequence where there is a bunch of large octagonal platforms that are connected by light bridges. Making your way through this area you will notice one of the platforms is kind of off to the side. There will be some Jackles on this platform that is just before an elite shooting a Fuel Rod Cannon. Make your way to the backside of the Jackle platform and there will be a terminal waiting for you!

Terminal Location in Composer

Halo 4 Guide Domain Terminal Locations Guide 6
The sixth Domain Terminal is located after Rally Point Bravo in the mission Composer. When you get down to the Composer Artifact and have a Mantis you will have to clear out a ton of enemies including Banshees. You will then be told to move through an airlock door to get the defenses up. Before doing that there will be a small cave on the ground area near the artifact. Head down and through this small tube like cave to grab your sixth Domain Terminal.

Terminal Location in Midnight

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The seventh Domain Terminal is located after Rally Point Bravo in the Midnight level. Listen for the Didact to say that he will force you to stop. There will be a sharp curve that has a good handful of Watchers. After taking out the enemies in the middle of the platform room you are in there will be a terminal tucked underneath some blue and orange floating columns. If Cortana comes over the comms and says you need to turn left you have gone to far. That is the last Domain Terminal in Halo 4!

I hope that this Halo 4 Guide on the Terminal Locations helped you out. If you come up with a better way of describing the locations, want more information or just want to chat about the Domain Terminals please hit us up in the comments! If you add details to the guide there we will add it to our article and make sure to credit you for the heroic action! Thanks for reading and keep it locked to Gamers Heroes for more Halo Videos, hints, tips and guides coming soon.

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