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Hear Jones Penance Or Meatmans Wrath In Borderlands 3

Hear Jones Penance Or Meatmans Wrath In Borderlands 3
A side quest in BL3 gives you a choice. This guide on Hear Jones Penance Or Meatmans Wrath In Borderlands 3 provides information on one of the potential outcomes as there are multiple choices presented to you multiple times, meaning there is potentially many different outcomes to this particular event.

Based on the rest of the content in Borderlands 3, it’s unlikely there’s more than two outcomes. Even still, as Reaper Jones is obviously a bad guy, this could be one of the decisions that only has a single outcome. Due to the difficulty, or near impossibility, of repeating side quests, we’ve got one of the outcomes covered but hopefully that will aid you in making your decision on what to do with Mr. Jones.

Hear Jones Penance Or Meatmans Wrath In Borderlands 3

You have two choices when this occurs. You can Hear Jones’ Penance or Ignite the Meatmans Wrath. As it was quite clear to use that Reaper Jones had to pay for his crimes, we chose Meatmans Wrath as the first option. After some dialogue and a clearly disturbed Jones professing the changing of his ways, you get another choice.

It’s the same choice again, hear his penance or show the wrath. This is likely the opportunity to choose to hear his penance if there’s even a small hope that Reaper Jones sees the error in his ways and returns to town. However, we chose to continue to show wrath. At this point, Jones becomes terrified and drops dead of a heart attack.

This may well be the outcome regardless of the choices you choose to make but hopefully this will eliminate at least one potential path that you can choose to follow or avoid entirely. If you choose a different path, let us know what happens in the comments down below.

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