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Hitman 3 Dubai On Top Of The World Security Room Keypad Code

Hitman 3 Dubai Security Room Keypad Code
During the On Top Of The World mission in Dubai, there is a locked safe inside a security room. This Hitman 3 Dubai On Top Of The World Security Room Keypad Code guide will tell you where you can find the intel that leads you to learning the keypad code, so you can figure it out and get whatever is inside.

The actual code I was given during my playthrough was 6927. This could very well be a fixed code, identical for all players across all playthroughs. However, there is a possibility that there are several variation of code possibilities, depending on a number of unknown factors. However, despite it probably being fixed for all players, we can also tell you where to find the correct intelligence so that you’re able to find the code for yourself, if it is indeed random.

Hitman 3 Dubai On Top Of The World Security Room Keypad Code

Hitman 3 Dubai Security Room Keypad Code Where To Find
You want to head to this location on Level 2, the Staff Hallway. Halfway down the hallway you will overhear a nearby conversation someone is having regarding an upcoming lockdown test tomorrow, at 0900 hours. I wasn’t able to pinpoint the exact location of the conversation but if you stand where I am standing in the image above, you will hear the conversation in its entirety. During the conversation the man on the phone will tell someone about an upcoming security test before giving them the code, which was 6927 for me.

Once you have the code, the Security Room is directly next to this location so simply head inside and use the code on the keypad safe to gain access. This rewards you with the Evacuation Keycard.

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