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Hitman 3 Dubai On Top Of The World Vertical Approach Challenge Guide

Hitman 3 Dubai On Top Of The World Vertical Approach Challenge Guide
One of the Dubai challenges requires you to eliminate Marcus by pushing him over a ledge or railing. This Hitman 3 Dubai On Top Of The World Vertical Approach Challenge Guide will tell you how to follow all of the steps required to complete this challenge and eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant.

This particular objective is a culmination of other objectives related to the Mission Story (In)Security. You must follow all of the different objectives in the story until you reach the final objective, where your opportunity will present itself. To start this story objective, you need to locate a certain individual within the complex.

Hitman 3 Dubai On Top Of The World Vertical Approach Challenge Guide

Where To Find Stuyvesans Replacement Guard In Hitman 3
Firstly, you need to find Stuyvesans replacement bodyguard. He can be found in this room on Level 0. Take him down, and the nearby staff member, and hide the bodies. Then pick up the Transfer Documents from the bench inside the Changing Rooms before head up to the Security Office on Level 2.

Once you reach the Security Office on Level 2, wait for Stuyvesan to arrive if he has not already. Then speak with him and he will ask for your papers. Give him the papers and then follow him. He will explain your job on route to a targeting range where he asks you to hit some targets using kitchen knives. Hit all of the targets and he will stand near the edge, impressed by your abilities with a throwing knife, apparently instantly trusting you immensely.

Repay that trust, approach him from behind and select the push option. This will push him off the ledge to his death, obviously, have you seen how high this place is? The nearby guard will likely get a shot or two off at you, but subdue him quickly and there will be no further incident.

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