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Hitman 3 Icarus Dubai Assassination Challenge Guide

Hitman 3 Icarus Dubai Assassination Challenge Guide
One of the challenges here tasks you with electrocuting Marcus Stuyvesent using the sun. This Hitman 3 Icarus Dubai Assassination Challenge Guide will tell you everything you need to know to complete this objective, so you can use the sun at the art installation to take down your primary target.

It’s usually a good idea to sample a mission before heading into specific challenges. Have a few runs through, learn the layout, where to find the different disguises, key items, etc. As such, we won’t be providing a full walkthrough of this mission, just specific objectives related to completing the Icarus challenge.

Hitman 3 Icarus Dubai Assassination Challenge Guide

Icarus Dubai Assassination Challenge Guide
You need to head to the Control Room, this is on Level 3. You can enter this area with either Security or Event Staff disguises, both of which are easily obtainable on this map. Once you reach the Control Room there are several event staff in the area, as well as some security. Near the three members of event staff there is a Crowbar and a fuse box nearby. Grab the crowbar and use it on the fuse box to obtain a fuse.

Hitman 3 Icarus Dubai Assassination Challenge
You need then to head to the Art Exhibit, which is also on Level 3. Towards the end of the Exhibit is the large object portraying the sun. There’s a staff only door nearby, head through the door. Once you’re behind the sun, take the ladder up to platform above. You will find a fuse box here.

Once you’ve done this locate Marcus Stuyvesent and follow him around until he reaches the Art Exhibition. Once he is inside he will walk through the entire exhibit naturally, so get ahead of him and stand at the voltage box here:

Icarus Dubai Assassination

Wait for him to approach the sun part of the exhibit, and flip the switch.

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