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Hitman 3 Tasteless, Traceless & Pick Your Poison Challenge Guide Dubai

Hitman 3 Tasteless, Traceless Challenge Guide Dubai
One of the challenges in the On Top Of The World mission requires lethal poison to kill a target. This Hitman 3 Tasteless, Traceless & Pick Your Poison Challenge Guide Dubai will tell you everything you need to know to track down the lethal poison and complete the Pick Your Poison objective at the same time.

There are two optional challenges in the Dubai mission that require Lethal Poison. The Tasteless, Traceless objective, that simply requires you kill someone with lethal poison and Pick Your Poison, that requires you to kill Carl Ingram by poisoning his food. We’ll get through both objectives here, so you can tick them off your list. First up, you will need to find lethal poison on the Dubai mission.

Hitman 3 Tasteless, Traceless & Pick Your Poison Challenge Guide Dubai

Lethal Poison In Dubai On Top Of The World In Hitman 3
On Level 1, there is a Garden area to the East. In this garden is a man wearing a black suit with a bright green shirt. Lure him into the nearby grass using a stereo that is on the wall at this location, and then take him down, using the grass to conceal his body. When he is taken out, he will drop lethal poison on the floor where he passed out. Grab the Lethal Poison and then head to the next location – you will need Event Security to get to this next location.

Tasteless, Traceless Challenge

Head to this location on Level 2. There is a ladder here. Climb to the top. There are two guards and a helicopter pilot here. Take them all out for safety. You can grab the pilots disguise real quick, to complete another Feat. Make sure to take the Penthouse Guard uniform before moving into the building. Once inside, follow the stairs up to the Penthouse.

Tasteless, Traceless & Pick Your Poison Challenge Guide
Head to the Storage Room next to the Dining Room. There is a single servant in here. Take them out and put them in the nearby chest. Then head to the Dining Room. The chef will argue with a guard for a few moments and then the guard will leave. Return to the Storage Room and interact with the Ice Machine to cause a distraction. This will cause the Chef to enter the room. Take him out and steal his disguise.

Interact with the plate on the table in the center of the kitchen to prepare the food. Then poison the food. On the same table, once the food is poisoned. interact with the bell. This will call someone to collect the food.

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