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Hogwarts Legacy Choices And Consequences Guide

Hogwarts Legacy is full of choices for you to make as you go through the game. Check out this Hogwarts Legacy Choices And Consequences Guide to find out what choices you want to make. This way you don’t mess up something important down the line.

Hogwarts Legacy Choices And Consequences Guide

Sorting Hat Choices
Professor Weasley Suspicion
Fig After Weasley
Leanora Side Quest Choice
Lucans Duel Club Intro
Weasley Asking About Your Travels
Gobstone Choice
Diary Choice
Astrolabe Choice
Get The Feather Choice
Help Scrope Choice
What Would I Want With Old Pages?
Interested In Escaping Class?
Sorting Room Choice
Undercroft Choice
After Undercroft Choice
Parry Pippin Quest Choice
Professor Onai Choice
Billywiig Sting Choice
Hand Over Potion Choice
Claire Beaumont Choice
Do You Trust Him Choice
Side Quest Asking For A Bigger Reward Choice
Keep Rococo Choice
Quiz Choice
Meetings With Professor Black House Elf
Who Is That?
Send Quidditch Letter Choice
Leeway Profesor? Choice
Scrope Password Choice
Sebastian talking about Anne Choice
Sebastian Talking About Dark Arts
He Kept Journals Choice
Kneel Or Attack Choice
Rookwood Himself Choice
What Do You Intend To Do With It Choice
Learn Crucio But Who To Use It On Choice
Turn in Sebastian Or Not Choice

Hogwarts Legacy Slytheron Choices And Consequences Guide

Sebastion Shallow Intro
Imelda Reyes Intro
Ominis Gaunt Intro
Sebastion Creates A Distraction
Sebastion After Duel

Hogwarts Legacy Hufflepuff Choices And Consequences Guide

Lenora Everleigh Intro
Arthur Plummly Intro
Adelaide Oakes Intro

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