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Hogwarts Legacy Ghost Of Our Love Guide

During the Ghost of our Love side quest you get a treasure map showing some floating candles. In this Hogwarts Legacy Ghost Of Our Love Guide we’ll tell you everything you need to know to solve the interesting treasure map puzzle as you need to find a specific location that isn’t overly close to where the quest started.

The Ghost of our Love is a side quest you receive when exploring one of the many hamlets in Hogwarts Legacy. You don’t get much to work with. You’re given a treasure map with a few clues, and that’s it. A bridge, some floating candles, a forest nearby, and some ruins.

Hogwarts Legacy Ghost Of Our Love Guide

A map showing where the quest ends
Before you run off and close the tab, do NOT go to the location where I am standing above. This is where the quest ends. Just South of where I am standing is the fast travel point for the Forbidden Forest area. This is an area you walk past very early in the story so it’s likely that you have unlocked this fast travel point already.

At that fast travel location is a bridge. On one end of the bridge there is a love letter resting atop the bridge. Use your light spell and the nearby floating candles will come to attention. They will then lead you on a short path into the Forbidden Forest. Don’t worry, you don’t need to fight anything so it’s relatively safe.

At the end of the trail you will find a treasure chest next to a table and chairs. That completes the quest.

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