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Hogwarts Legacy Quiz Questions And Answers

During one of the story quests in Hogwarts Legacy, you will run into a quiz. Check out this Hogwarts Legacy Quiz Questions And Answers to get through it and ace all the questions. This way you can move on the with the story missions.

Hogwarts Legacy Quiz Questions And Answers

There are multiple rounds so be ready.

Hogwarts Legacy Quiz Questions And Answers Round 1

Question Before the Golden Snitch what was the magical creature called for Quidditch?
Answer Snidget

Question What potion is commonly known liquid luck.
Answer Felix Felicis

Question Tale of the three brothers.
Answer The Deathly Hallows

Question Biggest quidditch ball?
Answer Quaffle

Question Pulyjuice potion question.
Answer False

Hogwarts Legacy Quiz Questions And Answers Round 2

Question What government body was before the Ministry of Magic?
Answer Wizards council

Question Which dragon is the smallest?
Answer Peruvian Vipertooth

Question Who founded Hogsmeade?
Answer Hengist of Woodcroft

Question Cross breeding question
Answer Demiguise

Question What spell repels Lethifold?
Answer The Patronus Charm

Question Who published the law of elemental
Answer Gamp

Question What does the Hogwarts Motto mean?
Answer Never tickle a sleeping dragon

Question What magic creature produces eggs via its mouth?
Answer The Runespoor

Question Ilvermorny school located?
Answer Mount Greylock

Question Strongest love potion?
Answer Amortentia

Hogwarts Legacy Quiz Questions And Answers Round 3

Question Emric The Evil.
Answer Egbert the Egregious

Question Chaser keeps Quaffle.
Answer Haversacking.

Question Bite from Mackled Malaclaw.
Answer Bad Luck.

Question Stinksap?
Answer Mibulus Mimbletonia.

Question Pepperup potion created by who?
Answer Linfred Of Stinchcombe.

Question Wizard and Hopping Pot
Answer A single slipper

Question Snallygaster.
Answer North America

Question Muggle Knight?
Answer Sir Luckless

Question Largest Kelpie?
Answer Loch Ness Monster.

Question First minister of magic?
Answer Ulick Gamp.

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