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Hogwarts Legacy The Tale Of Rowland Oakes Guide

In this side quest you need to use a map to follow a trail. In this Hogwarts Legacy The Tale Of Rowland Oakes Guide we tell you where you need to go to complete the objective that says “use Rownland’s map to follow his trail” so that you can finish the side quest called The Tale of Rowland Oakes.

The Tale of Rowland Oakes is one of many different side quests in Hogwarts Legacy. They are marked on the map by a black icon instead of the gold icon that is normally used for the main quest line. This is an optional quest that you don’t need to complete, but you do get some appearance rewards if you manage to finish the quest. If you navigate to your inventory you can find Rowland Oakes’s Map, showing you a few landmarks, and is your only clue to reach the destination.

Hogwarts Legacy The Tale Of Rowland Oakes Guide

The Tale Of Rowland Oakes
This map shows you exactly where you need to go. You simply need to follow the river West of the camp where you found Rowland Oakes’s map. At the end of the area, towards the edge of the map, you will find a Bandit Camp Castle, which is a castle that has been overrun by bandits.

Rowland Oakes is being help captive in the castle. Simply remove the enemies and free Rowland to complete the quest.

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