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Hogwarts Legacy What Are Astronomy Tables For

Astronomy Tables are one of the collectible items listed on the map. In this guide Hogwarts Legacy What Are Astronomy Tables For we answer the questions what are Astronomy Tables for and how do you use them, as you can encounter them very early in the game but may not be able to use them at first.

If you open your world map and zoom out, you can inspect each of the regions surrounding Hogwarts. Each region lists a different number of items you can collect and discover. One of these items is the Astronomy Tables. You can find them on the world map after just a couple of hours when you can begin exploring outside the grounds of Hogwarts castle, but you can’t actually do anything with them yet. You need to progress with the main story until you unlock a particular quest.

Hogwarts Legacy What Are Astronomy Tables For

After you reach a certain point in the story you will get a quest to attend Astronomy Class. Follow this quest and you will receive your own telescope. Once you have the telescope and you have completed the quest entirely, you can begin finding the Astronomy Tables on the world map.

You can only use them at night, obviously, you want to look at stars. As long as it is nighttime, approach the table and you can interact with it. You then need to use your telescope and align the picture on the screen with the stars in the sky. Once you’ve done that, you complete the challenge.

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