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Horizon Forbidden West Choices & Consequences Guide

Aloy can make many different conversational choices in Forbidden West. This Horizon Forbidden West Choices & Consequences Guide lists all of the different choices we’ve encountered in the game and tells you the immediate outcome of each of the decisions Aloy can make on her journey.

The choices and consequences system of Forbidden West are summarized into three different categories, these are called Flashpoints. The fist icon represents confrontational choices, the brain icon represents clear and intelligent response, and the heart icon chooses compassionate and loving choices

We are still working our way through the game and will update this as we progress.

Horizon Forbidden West Choices & Consequences Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’Are You Kidding Choice’]

This is the first choice you get at the start of the game.

If you choose Are You Kidding
Aloy gets frustrated at Avad and explains why she is heading west. She says she has no time to imagine holding hands and watching the sunset. Avad apologizes to Avoy for the foolish things he said. He says goodbye.

If you choose It’s A Nice Thought
Aloy says she hopes to see Avad and Meridian again, but she explains the mission is her life. She needs to stay focused. Avad says she is always welcome in Meridian and will await for her return.

If you choose Now’s Not The Time
Aloy tells Avad that the situation calls for a higher perspective. She explains the threat the world faces. She says what happens between them is not important. Avad says he is acting like a fool. He apologies and wishes Aloy success.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Someone That Doesnt Have Time For This Choice’]

If you choose Someone who doesn’t have time for this
Aloy responds by saying saving the world is more important than hurting Erend’s feelings. She says sorry she’s been in a hurry, Erend understands and wishes he hadn’t said anything.

If you choose Someone who had no other choice
If you choose this Aloy apologizes to Erend for leaving and explains life on Earth is in danger. Erend offers to help Aloy on her quest but Aloy declines, saying she must make the journey alone.

If you choose Someone who had a good reason
Aloy explains that she had a good reason. Erend sarcastically thanks her for sharing and Aloy explains the threat to life on the planet. Erend understands the reason and says he’s an idiot for saying anything.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Youll Have To Go Through Me Choice’]

If you choose You’ll have to go through me
Aloy steps up to Tolland and intimidates him. Tolland responds that he has a crew behind him, but his men backdown. Tolland agrees to let Aloy keep the heart.

If you choose Tough Break
Aloy said the guy killing the stormbird brought them nothing but squabbles and refugees. Tolland agrees, as does his men, and they leave.

If you choose Finders Keepers
Aloy says the law is on her side and she can keep the heart. Tolland claims he got the kill and deserved the loot, but his allies tell him Aloy is legally entitled to it.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Look At The Odds Choice’]

If you choose Look At The Odds
Aloy tells Beta she has a solid plan and explains without her, they will likely be discovered. Aloy wants to help her reclaim the final function. Beta agrees to go with Aloy

If you choose I’ll protect you
Aloy promises that Varl and her will defend and protect Beta, she tells Beta not to be afraid. Beta agrees to go with Aloy

If you choose Find your courage
If you make this choice Aloy says the only way to avoid the risk is to stop the Zeniths. She tells Beta to find her courage. Beta says it’s easy for Aloy to say. Beta agrees to go with Aloy

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Your Life Ends Here Choice’]

If you choose your life ends here
If you make this decision Aloy says she can’t let Regalla live. Regalla gets interrupted talking as Kotallo impales her with his spear and she dies.

If you choose This isn’t easy
If you make this choice Aloy says Regalla is obsessed with bloodlust and revenge, then offers Regalla the chance to direct her anger at the real enemy. Hekkarro says Regalla’s word can be trusted. Regalla refuses to beg for her life. You are then forced to make one of the other two choices.

If you choose There’s another battle ahead
If you make this choice Aloy says she won’t forgive Regalla but there’s another battle ahead, and she could use Regalla’s help. Regalla says she doesn’t want mercy as Aloy explains the threat that lies ahead. Regalla finds the appeal of death in battle warming and agrees to help. Kotalla is surprised. Regalla survives if you make this choice and aids you in a later battle. She keeps her word.

[/accordion_item] [/accordion]

We are updating this Horizon Forbidden West Choices & Consequences Guide as we progress through the game.

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