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Horizon Forbidden West Hunting Grounds Locations

Want to know where to find all of the Hunting Grounds in Forbidden West? This Horizon Forbidden West Hunting Grounds Locations guide lists all of the locations for all four of the Hunting Grounds Trials so you can test your mettle against some of the games most interesting challenges.

Hunting Grounds are a feature from the original Horizon Zero Dawn game that challenges Aloy to complete a series of Trials in exchange for lots of rare and expensive material rewards. The Hunting Trials in Forbidden West are definitely a lot easier than Horizon Zero Dawn, but they are still just as worthwhile. It’s a great source of regular machine parts and helps to teach players about the various mechanics of the different weapons at Aloy’s disposal.

Horizon Forbidden West Hunting Grounds Locations

There are four Hunting Grounds in total. Below is a list of each Hunting Ground, the location, and the level requirements. You can view the video above for more specific information on the
exact location of each camp, if you’re struggling to find them.

  • The Daunt (Level 5) – A short walk North East from the Barren Light town near the start. Map location.
  • Plainsong (Level 10) – A short distance North West of the town of Plainsong. Map location
  • Sheerside Mountains (Level 20) – In the North West corner of the map, a short walk East from The Bulwark. Map location
  • The Raintrace (Level 25) – Far West side of the map, near the ocean. A short walk East from Thornmarsh. Map location

Each of the different Hunting Grounds in Forbidden West features three unique trials. If you want the maximum rewards, you need to complete each trial within a specific time limit. Once you complete each of the trials you’re rewarded with a chest of materials and supplies, with faster times rewarding better chests.

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