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Horizon Zero Dawn Outfit Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Outfit Guide
Aloy can discover, purchase and equip a variety of outfits in Horizon Zero Dawn, each offering different perks and stat bonuses. This Horizon Zero Dawn Outfit Guide lists all of the outfits we’ve discovered in Horizon Zero Dawn so far including information on where to find each outfit and the bonuses they offer.

Below is a list of all of the outfits alongside a screenshot. Each screenshot shows the outfits appearance, the additional effects and stats bonuses it applies and any potential modification slots that are available. You can also view the rarity of the outfit and the value if you were to sell the outfit to a merchant.

Many of the outfits can be purchased at a merchant. While some just require metal others require more rare and valuable ingredients. You can see the ingredients on the upper right corner of the screenshot, if that particular outfit is purchased from a merchant. Once unlocked at a merchant Outfits often appear at other merchants also. The locations we have listed are the original location we discovered the outfit

Horizon Zero Dawn Outfit Guide

Outcast Outfit
Carja Storm Ranger Outfit
Banuk Trailblazer Outfit
Nora Survivor Light
Nora Silent Hunter Light
Nora Protector Light
Nora Silent Hunter Medium
Nora Brave
Banuk Ice Hunter Light
Banuk Sickness Eater Light
Banuk Ice Hunter Medium
Banuk Sickness Eater Medium
Nora Survivor Medium
Nora Protector Medium
Banuk Sickness Eater Heavy
Nora Silent Hunter Heavy
Banuk Ice Hunter Heavy
Nora Survivor Heavy
Nora Protector Heavy
Carja Silks Light
Oseram Sparkworker Light
Carja Blazon Light
Oseram Arrow Breaker Light
Carja Blazon Medium
Oseram Sparkworker Medium
Carja Silks Medium
Oseram Arrow Breaker Medium
Carja Silks Heavy
Carja Blazon Heavy
Oseram Sparkworker Heavy
Oseram Arrow Breaker Heavy

Rare & Special Outfits

Shadow Stalwart Light
Shadow Stalwart Medium
Shadow Stalwart Heavy

We’re updating this guide as we progress through the game and discover more outfits so be sure to check back for updates to our Horizon Zero Dawn Outfit Guide.

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