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Where To Find Every Machine And Animals In Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Resources Guide
Horizon Zero Dawn features a variety of wildlife and machine creatures that can be killed and harvested for rare and valuable resources, some of which can be sold for Metal and others are used in higher tier crafting recipes. This guide will tell you Where To Find Every Machine And Animals In Horizon Zero Dawn and lists all of the wildlife and machine creatures we’ve encountered so far as well as the items they drop and any rare resources they may hold.

Below are two lists, one featuring the Wildlife of Horizon Zero Dawn and the other, the machines. Included information for each enemy type is potential locations where they can be found and information pertaining to all of the drops that are recorded in the Notebook.

Where To Find Every Machine And Animals In Horizon Zero Dawn – Wildlife

Where To Find Rats
Where To Find Turkey
Where To Find Foxes
Where To Find Boars
Where To Find Raccoons
Where To Find Rabbits
Where To Find Fish

Where To Find Every Machine And Animals In Horizon Zero Dawn – Machine Enemies

Where To Find Watcher
Where To Find Strider
Where To Find Grazer
Where To Find Scrapper
Where To Find RedEye Watcher
Where To Find Broadhead
Where To Find Lancehorn
Where To Find Longleg
Where To Find Tramplers
Where To Find Sawtooth
Where To Find Shell-Walker
Where To Find Fire Bellowback
Where To Find Freeze Bellowback
Where To Find Charger
Where To Find Stalker
Where To Find Glinthawk
Where To Find Corruptor
Where To Find Ravagers
Where To Find Snapmaw
Where To Find Rockbreakers
Where To Find Behemoth
Where To Find Thunderjaw
Where To Find Stormbird
Where To Find Deathbringer

We are updating this as we progress through the game so be sure to check back soon for updates.

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