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House Of The Blue Sunbright Guide For Dragon’s Dogma 2

During this quest you need to give Sebastian specific items. This House Of The Blue Sunbright Guide For Dragon’s Dogma 2 lists all of the items you need to find to ensure Sebastian returns from his adventure with the flower from his mother.

Inside the house you can speak with Daphne and Diana for clues

Daphne tells you that she has heard that it’s a good idea to bring something that reeks of cyclops, because it will drive the other monsters away.

If you speak with the housekeeper, Diana, she gives you two additional clues. She warns that the area is rife with poisonous plants that also have an added effect of making people drowsy.

What Items To Give To Sebastian

What Items To Give To Sebastian

Using the clues above, it’s relatively simple. Firstly, procure yourself a Misshapen Eye. These are almost guaranteed to drop whenever you kill a Cyclops. They are quite often found when using the Oxcarts to travel between destinations as they frequently attack the roads at night. Once you have acquired a Cyclops Eye, you need two potions.

The first potion, Detoxifying Decoction, requires mixing a Pitywort and & Syrupwort Leaf. Although these are also commonly available at all Apothecary shops for 500 Gold.

The second potion. Waking Powder, is one we’ve yet to discover a recipe for, but you can also buy it in the Apothecary for 400 Gold.

Once you have all the items, return to the Townsend’s Estate and give them to Sebastian.

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