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How Add Fuel & Ammo In Vehicles In The Front

Quickly & Easily Fuel Up Your Vehicles

Once you’ve made your first vehicle, it’s important to understand how to add fuel and ammo to it. This guide on How Add Fuel & Ammo In Vehicles In The Front explains the process of ensuring your vehicle has everything it needs to run successfully and get the job done.

This method applies to all vehicles currently in the game but obviously, it requires certain features. For example, you cannot place ammo on a jeep that doesn’t have any weapons. So once you have crafted your Gasoline and any ammo you require, simply put the vehicle on your hotbar and place it on the ground.

How Add Fuel & Ammo In Vehicles In The Front

Once the vehicle is placed, approach it and hold the interact button. This will open a radial menu. From this menu select to check the vehicles inventory. Once you have done that, all you need to do is drag all the ammo and fuel over to the vehicles inventory and it will be used automatically.

If you click and drag ammo and the boxes of the inventory of the vehicle do not light up slowly, you are using the incorrect ammunition for that vehicle.

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