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How Can You Increase Attunement Limit In Nioh 2

How Can You Increase Attunement Limit In Nioh 2
Attunement Limit dictates how many Soul Cores you can equip but How Can You Increase Attunement Limit In Nioh 2? Unfortunately, for those looking to increase the Attunement Limit of their favorite Spirit Guardians, it’s not available until quite late in the game

Spirit Guardians allow you to transform in Nioh 2, they improve your stats, and they also allow you to equip special Soul Stones. Soul Stones are powerful abilities that can be unlocked after you slay a Yokai. There’s a small chance the Yokai will drop its soul essence, in the form of a Soul Stone. Each Soul Guardian has two slots that can be used to equip Soul Stones, and each Soul Stone has a value of Attunement depending on its strength.

How Can You Increase Attunement Limit In Nioh 2

UPDATE: Progressing through the story, completing the final mission in the Dawn chapter, will allow you to equip three Soul Cores to a single Soul Guardian. In turn, this immediately increases the Attunement Level of all

Unfortunately, we have not yet discovered a way to increase Attunement Limit on your favorite Soul Guardians. It may be possible later in the game but thus far, it seems to be a fixed number. Typically speaking, the stronger the Spirit Guardian, the lower the Attunement Limit. Spirit Guardians that focus on buffing attack and damage, have a lower Attunement Limit than more passive Spirit Guardians as a balance technique.

Do you want to charge into battle with huge bonuses to attack and defense or play it a bit safer and gain access to more powerful Yokai abilities? It’s a choice constant throughout the game and one that means Attunement Limits may be the final factor when choosing your Spirit Guardian.

If we do find a way of increasing Attunement, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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