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How Does Trading Work In Manor Lords – Trading Explained

Trading is a vital component to managing your Economy in Manor Lords as each region will struggle with different resources, making Trading paramount if you want to survive and succeed.

Trading is quite often an overlooked, ignored, or late-game component of other strategy games, but it plays a far more important role in Manor Lords.

It is the single only method of obtaining Regional Wealth, a unique currency that can be used to purchase Livestock, Resources, and Commodoties.

How To Start Trading

How To Start Trading in Manor Lords - a guide on the basics first

We recommend building the Trading Post quite early, after you have constructed enough houses for your Families and taken advantage of all the natural resource locations on your region.

This is because trading is a slow, real-time process, meaning your traders have to physically walk between trading outposts in order to share their wares.

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To begin trading all you need to do is construct a Trading Post and assign a Family to that post. After that, you just need to figure out what to trade.

What Are The Best Resources To Trade

Explaining more advanced mechanics behind trading in Manor Lords, an image showing the best resources to trade

This is the key component and one that will be different for each player. For example, in my current region I have a Rich Deposit Iron Mine with the Deep Mining Technology Upgrade. This provides me with infinite Iron Ore that I can either sell directly or forge into Iron Slabs for even greater profit.

However, you may not have those same natural resources available to you. It’s a very simple calculation of supply. If you have enough spare, you have enough to sell.

We advise against selling your food or fuel items early on as you will want to stock up for winter. However, any other natural resources will work.

One of the best methods of finding something quick, effective, and profitable to trade is to construct sheep pastures and sell Wool or Yarn. These offer infinite supply, at a relatively low cost, and act as the perfect bridge before you get into more complicated trading such as weapons and armor.

How Does The Trading Work

How Does The Trading Work in Manor Lords

Once you have the Trading Post constructed, selecting the building and navigate to the Trade option. This brings up a list of all Construction, Crops, Food, Materials, Commodities, and Military resources that are available to trade.

The Export price is fixed, it’s just a choice of what you want to Import and Export. Importing is simple. Select the resource you want to Import and then set your Surplus (the limit to how much you want at any one time), and the traders will start arriving.

You can establish a trade route, if you have the Regional Wealth, this speeds up the process with specific traders taking a direct route.

Exporting works much the same. You select the resource and change the “No Trade” option to “Import”. You choose the Surplus – this number represents the maximum you can have at once, not the maximum you will buy.

You will then start exporting those goods over time.

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