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How Long Is Marvel’s Avengers Story

How Long Is Marvel's Avengers Story
Want to know the length of the campaign story in Marvel’s Avengers? All of the characters are locked at the beginning so the obvious question is, How Long Is Marvel’s Avengers Story? Wandering how long it takes to unlock your favorite characters? Well, it’s not quick.

Marvel’s Avengers pre-launch beta and marketing have left some people confused. What was initially seen as another looter-style RPG has become a more narrative driven experience, at least initially. While many players wanted to immediately jump into multiplayer, the options are very limited as all characters are unlocked. As such, people are curious as to how long it takes to complete the story and unlock all characters.

How Long Is Marvel’s Avengers Story

How Long Is Marvel's Avengers Story Campaign
The answer, well, it varies. Depending on the difficulty setting, whether you’re playing multiplayer, and the cut-scenes. Playing on lower difficulties definitely makes the game much faster as the bosses die easier and you won’t die as much, if at all. Multiplayer can greatly increase how long it takes to beat the story because of the several loading screens involved each time a friend joins your party. And lastly, cut-scenes. There is a lot of story, dialogue, and exploration in Marvel’s Avengers. Depending on how much you enjoy those activities, will change how quickly you can get through the game.

Playing on normal difficulty with a couple of multiplayer games and enjoying all of the cut-scenes, you can complete the story in 8 to 11 hours. Skipping all of the dialogue and cut-scenes, putting the game on easy, you can probably do it in 6 to 9 hours.

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