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How Many Card Colors Can You Have In A Deck In Magic: Legends

How Many Card Colors Can You Have In A Deck In Magic Legends
Magic The Gathering fans are excited to jump into the new Magic: Legends game, but how similar is it to MTG? In this guide we discuss How Many Card Colors Can You Have In A Deck In Magic: Legends as it’s a question many fans are eager to explore as we enjoy new adventures with the Magic: Legends Open Beta release.

In Magic The Gathering each card has a colored mana associated with it. Red spells require red mana, green requires green, or mountain and forest mana, depending on the circles in which you play. While each spell type has traditional focuses and central elements, there’s a huge variety in any of the colors available. Much of that is the same in Magic: Legends, however, there are some minor differences to traditional Magic The Gathering games.

How Many Card Colors Can You Have In A Deck In Magic: Legends

After choosing your starting class in Magic: Legends, you are restricted to a single color in your deck. This remains for the tutorial part of the game, the introductory few hours. Eventually you can unlock other classes and more colors, but you are limited. The most colors you can have in a deck are two. During a recent livestream the team did say that the ability to add more cards is something very much possible later down the line. They are focusing on balancing and feedback with dual colored decks before adventuring out to incorporate more colored spells.

  • After you pick your starting class, you’re limited to one spell color in your deck
  • After you complete Tazeem you can unlock the ability to add more colors to your deck
  • Currently, in the Open Beta, at time of writing, you can only have two colored types in your deck at any one time
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