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How Many Chapters & How Long To Beat Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

How Long Does It Take To Beat The Game?

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth is one of the biggest and longest games in the Yakuza franchise but how many chapters does it have and how long does it take to finish the game? We’ll answer those questions and more with information game length, completion length, and even skipping the story.

Obviously, these are rough estimates. Everyone plays games differently and wants different things from the experience. If you simply want to rush through the entire game, ignoring all side content and skipping cut-scenes (if you skip all the cut-scenes, I hope you step on LEGO), you can probably finish the game in the 40-50 hour mark. However, the story is incredible, probably the best the franchise has ever had, so you’re not going to want to do that, are you?

How Long To Beat Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

There are 14 chapters in total, 13 chapters, and a finale. Most of the chapters are similar in length and the later chapters switch between Kasuga as the main protagonist in one city, and Kiryu as the protagonist in another. Once you have beaten the game, you can switch freely between the two and mix and match party members from both cities.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth List Of Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Doin’ The Best I Can
  • Chapter 2: Paradise Hawaiian Style
  • Chapter 3: The Fool
  • Chapter 4: In The Ghetto
  • Chapter 5: Suspicious Minds
  • Chapter 6: Puppet On A String
  • Chapter 7: Trouble
  • Chapter 8: Return To Sender
  • Chapter 9: Hard-Headed Woman
  • Chapter 10: Don’t Be Cruel
  • Chapter 11: Devil In Disguise
  • Chapter 12: For Ol’ Times Sake
  • Chapter 13: Promised Land
  • Finale: If I Can Dream

Completing the story in full, watching all cut-scenes and ignoring most of the side content, you will likely finish in the 80-90 hour mark. Depending on your ability to finish the tougher fights without much grinding. The latter stages of the game may require several dungeon runs to level up your characters, which can easily add several hours to the play time.

If you want to complete the entire story and all of the side content, including the Sujimon League, Dondoko Island, maxing all the personality traits, you’re probably looking at 100-150 hours of total playtime.

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