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How Not To Fall Over In Death Stranding

How Not To Fall Over In Death Stranding
Struggling with staying on your feet, keep falling down? This guide on How Not To Fall Over In Death Stranding offers some basic tips to help ensure you stop falling down, don’t damage your cargo, and can make your next delivery on time.

First and foremost, the way you carry your cargo is incredibly important. Whenever you are collecting cargo, make sure to use the Auto sort option in the Cargo Management screen. This splits the weight up across your entire body and leaves your back empty (depending on how much cargo you’re carrying). Without cargo on your back, you can traverse nearly all terrain without too much of a trouble.

How Not To Fall Over In Death Stranding

L2 and R2 are vital. They act as a balance. Whenever you are approaching rocky terrain, a slope, a river, anything that would prove challenging with a heavy load, hold L2 and R2. If you receive the prompt to hold L2 or R2 to balance yourself, you’re moving to fast.

When you are sprinting, on even terrain, you can usually sprint directly ahead with little trouble, even with a heavy load. However, if you deviate your trajectory even in the slightest, you will have to straighten yourself out with L2 or R2 depending on which direction you’re leaning.

If you need to change direction when sprinting first stop sprinting, change your direction, then continue sprinting again. That’s the basics of managing your balance in Death Stranding. If there’s another aspect you’re struggling with, post a comment below.

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