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How To Access Pre Order Weapons And The Red Baron Skin In Battlefield 1

How To Access DLC Weapons And The Red Baron Skin In Battlefield 1

Anyone who bought the Early Enlister version of Battlefield 1 also go a couple of free weapons and a Red Baron Skin. You are just handed the items in game and expected to find them yourself. Check out this guide to find out How To Access Pre Order Weapons And The Red Baron Skin In Battlefield 1 In Battlefield 1!

How To Access Pre Order Items Battlefield 1

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] To access the Pre Order items you will first have to go online. When you are in a match, select your class and then select customize. Here you can find the various weapons that you go for pre ordering the game. You get the Hell Fighter Shotgun for the Assault Class and the Lawrence Of Arabia’s Smile for the Scout class. You also get the Hellfighter M1911 and Red Baron’s P08 as side arms for all classes. The pack comes with two extra melee weapons as well, Hellfighter Bolo Knife and the Jambiya Knife. This just net you a few extra options early in the game so you’re not stuck with the default weapons.

To access the Red Baron plan skin you will need to get a Fighter Plane(duh). Before you spawn in as it, click customize on it. It is Triangle on Ps4 and Y on Xbox(not sure about PC). Go to the bottom and you can change the look of the Plane to the Red Baron. There is also a blue skin you can use, but I’m not sure if that was a Pre Order item or if everyone can use it. Now you can tear up the skies as the Red Baron.

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