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How To Access Lost On Mars DLC In Far Cry 5

How To Access Lost On Mars DLC In Far Cry 5
The Lost on Mars DLC has been released but where is it? This guide will tell you How To Access Lost On Mars DLC In Far Cry 5 so you can download the latest addition to Ubisoft’s best selling franchise, and explore the wonders of outer space.

Thankfully the PC version of Far Cry 5 is rather simple, as is the Xbox One’s. However, PlayStation 4 users have expressed confusion over the lack of automatically downloads for DLC in the past, and the Lost on Mars add-on is no exception.

Lost on Mars has been released in several territories. If your PlayStation 4 has not already automatically downloaded the DLC, here’s how to find it. Navigate to Far Cry 5 on your PlayStation Dashboard and then scroll down. You will see the “PlayStation Store” option in the bottom left of the games information box.

Once in the store, assuming you have already purchased the DLC or Season Pass, select “Add-Ons”. Here you will find all the available Add-On content for Far Cry 5, including the Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars DLC. Simply download and launch Far Cry 5 to play the latest map for the game.

Once you have it installed start the game and select the “Add-Ons” from Far Cry 5’s main menu.

Geothermal Anomalies are special side quests in the Lost On Mars DLC. This Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Geothermal Anomalies Location Guide will tell you where to find each of the different Geothermal Anomalies so you can snatch up your crystals, enjoy some wacky Ubisoft missions and save the world.
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Your buddy Hurk has been taken apart and his body parts are scattered throughout Mars. While you are out and about you might as well help him find them. Check out this Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Hurk's body parts location guide to find them all.

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