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How To Access The From The Ashes DLC For Kingdom Come Deliverance

How To Access The From The Ashes DLC For Kingdom Come Deliverance
Earlier today the From The Ashes DLC launched for Kingdom Come Deliverance . Some of you who bought it might not be able to access it quite yet. check out this guide and find out how to access the From The Ashes DLC for Kingdom Come Deliverance.

How To Access The From The Ashes DLC For Kingdom Come Deliverance

The first and most important part of access the From The Ashes DLC is story progression. You cannot play this DLC until you beat the main mission called Baptism Of Fire. In this mission you have to retake a camp from some Bandits and it is one of the harder missions. Depending on how hard you rush the story you might be able to get their somewhat quickly. I can’t tell you how long it will take you to get there but I can tell you it is the 14th main mission in the game.

After you beat the mission and claim the camp you will be transported back to Rattay. If you have the DLC a message should pop up and tell you that you can now play it. Travel to Tamberg and speak with Sir Davish there. He will give you a quest to find someone near Pribyslavitz and tell you that he is thinking of building there. You can fast travel right to Pribyslavitz now and when you get there you will find that not all the bandits have been killed. Clear them out or pay them and you will find the Locator on the upper camp area. You will find him in one of the tents, near the back. Talk to him during the day and he will show you around the area and tell you where he plans to set up every building. When everything is done, Davish comes to town and makes you Bailiff, allowing you to start the management of the town.

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