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How To Activate Inert Device In Returnal

How To Activate Inert Device In Returnal
Returnal’s rogue-like elements leaves a lot of lingering questions. This guide on How To Activate Inert Device In Returnal answers one of those questions, based around the games teleportation system that allows you to reach new locations and discover new shortcuts.

As you are exploring the world of Returnal you will encounter this strange circular stone foundations on the floor. It’s quite clear early on that they are some sort of fast travel or teleportation mechanic. You will find many of these on your travels but when approached, the game informs you that you need a specific Xeno Tech in order to interact with, and use, the Inert Device.

How To Activate Inert Device In Returnal

How To Activate Inert Device
As much of Returnal is procedurally generated, we can’t give you an exact path on how to interact with the Inert Device, however, it is a key moment in the progression of the game. So, assuming you don’t die over and over before you get there, you will get it before long. We were perhaps an hour into the game before we unlocked it.

As you explore the map you will eventually reach a room after falling down a very large drop. There’s a chest opposite the entrance and as you approach, the floor below you crumbles. At the bottom of the pit there is another small room with a strange pedestal and a dead creature at the foot of the pedestal.

When you approach the creature Selene will have the option to interact with it. This is where she finds some alien technology. It will be installed in your suit and from that moment on, you can travel between two fixed points using the Inert Devices that are now active and live for all future playthroughs.

  • Inert Devices allow two forms of fast travel
  • One is tied to another specific location and you can only travel between the two
  • The other type lets you travel between free devices spread throughout the map
  • Follow the main story (the square door icons) until you reach the room with the alien
  • Loot the alien to unlock fast travel
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