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How To Activate Metal Plates In Darksiders Genesis

How To Activate Metal Plates In Darksiders Genesis
Discovered the rune-covered metallic objects on the floor? This guide explains How To Activate Metal Plates In Darksiders Genesis as they are visible throughout many of the games earlier levels but it never explains how to activate them, or what function they fulfill.

At first glance Darksiders Genesis seems more like Diablo than anything else but as you play the game, you learn it’s very different. It’s more hack-and-slash in its foundation design of mechanics and features, and even has a surprising amount of Metroidvania mechanics tucked away in there too.

How To Activate Metal Plates In Darksiders Genesis

As such, there are many puzzles and obstacles that you will encounter that you cannot solve or interact with. There’s a lot of puzzles in Darksiders Genesis, some are minor, others are more intricate and require a bit of thought. Some however, cannot be completed without acquiring a certain item or ability.

Interacting or activating the metal plates you’ve discovered is one such thing. You need to progress through the game until you get the Tremor Gauntlet for War during Chapter 7. Once you have this gauntlet, you can use it to smash into the floor. Smashing into the plates usually launches you into the air, allowing you to reach greater heights to unlock new areas or access new rewards.

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