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How To Activate New Company Technology In Borderlands 3

How To Activate New Company Technology In Borderlands 3
You may have seen these strange circular, or metal-like, stone pillars. This guide on How To Activate New Company Technology In Borderlands 3 will walk you through the process of unlocking the ability to activate this special new company tech so you can find all of the collectibles.

The Bounty of Blood DLC update for Borderlands 3 introduces 4 huge new maps. As with previous Borderlands 3 maps, each map is home to many secrets, hidden items, and collectibles. While many of these are easy to discover, some are hidden behind secret passages or even game progression. One such blockade that will stand in your path are strange, stone-like, circular, pillars. When you approach the pillars the narrator informs you that the Relic Hunter can use this technology later, this new Company Technology, when the time is right.

How To Activate New Company Technology In Borderlands 3

The short and simple answer is, progress with the story. The Bounty of Blood DLC is filled with new content but the bulk of the main story can be completed in a solid nights play. As you grow near to the end of the story, an event will occur in which you are forced to use one of these special stone-like gates in order to progress with the story.

At this point an NPC will give you a special item, an item that has been designed to work alongside the new company technology. Once you have been given this item and you use one of the circular pillars to travel, it will become available to use when exploring any of the areas in the Bounty of Blood DLC update for Borderlands 3.

I have been intentionally vague with the details as to avoid any spoilers in the story. You cannot miss it if you follow the main storyline, you will eventually be forced to unlock the stone pillars so don’t fret that it’s something you can miss or can avoid.

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