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How To Aim & Lean Around Corners In Rainbow Six Extraction

A staple part of Siege and a vital part of the new Tom Clancy game also. This guide on How To Aim & Lean Around Corners In Rainbow Six Extraction will walk you through the two techniques you can use to get an edge over your enemies as you peer around corners for maximum sight with minimal exposure.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege is a very different game to Rainbow Six Extraction. However, those familiar with the controls and shooting mechanics of Siege will immediately feel at home in Extraction. Finding that perfect spot, aiming at your enemy through the smallest of holes, peering around the corner to get the perfect shot. Extraction is a bit more fluid and active than Siege but the core aspects of shooting enemies remains much in the same.

How To Aim & Lean Around Corners In Rainbow Six Extraction

There’s no cover system in Rainbow Six Extraction, so you don’t need to be against a hard surface or any particular cover in order to use the peek ability. You simply need to press either L3 or R3, clicking the left or right stick in, to peer the appropriate direction whilst you are aiming. So you hold aim and then press sprint to peek left or melee to peek right. It only works if you are already aiming down the sights.

For example, if you click in the left stick your character will peer around the corner to the left. If you click the right stick, the character will lean slightly to the right and you get a better vantage point in that direction instead. It’s a simple feature but one easily missed if you’re not used to pressing down the thumb sticks.

And that’s how you lean around corners in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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